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Journey of my Mind

Consuming the mushrooms was a simple task for me.

Consuming the mushrooms was a simple task for me. I didn't know what to expect. All I knew is that strange things were about to overcome me. After about 25 minutes of consuming, I felt light-headed and sat down on the floor. Next to me was my friend who had supplied me with the mushrooms and he was telling me something about my trip starting to kick in soon. His voice seemed to go directly through my head. Booming and echoing. My other friend had taken some too, but not nearly as much as me. Suddenly I felt presences in the room, occupying the spaces around me. I felt as if there were more than us 3 individuals in the room. I sensed more than beings. Suddenly I heard soft voices like angels whisking me into a new world. I pictured elf-like figures guiding my to a new dimension. Within moments I felt as if gravity was defying it's natural laws of nature and all the objects around me seemed to lift up. The ceiling fan pointed towards my head and was growing towards me. I noticed that I felt as if I was a spirit. I could communicate with my other shrooming friend so that the 3rd friend that did not trip couldn't hear me. It was as if we both were communicating through minds. It was an out-of-body experience, where at times I felt myself flying around the room and realized I was laying on the couch. My head felt hollow and I felt as if I was being pulled into the earth itself, falling faster and faster. My eyes seemed to be open and the room was vivid but it felt like my eyes were closed. I tried watching a Steven Segal movie, but suddenly the actors' faces were transforming into devils heads with snake like tongues. I didnt have fear, just stared in amazement. Normally I would think I would be terrified by seeing something like that. My friend had left the room for the bathroom and it seemed like years until he returned. I discovered that he was stuck in the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom and the floor was squirming like hundreds of worms beneath my feet. I looked in the mirror and saw my face shape shifting. It was bizarre but very interesting. I laid down and tried to sleep, but it was no use. The ground felt like it was caving in, and suddenly I felt as if I were traveling at light speed through galaxies. Having thoughts of never returning to normalcy and being legally insane forever raced through my mind. Then thoughts of big bang theory and life never really existing overcame me. I found myself thinking of how life came to be and if life was all a dream of construed events. Times passed where I was very happy with my life, and suddenly I would feel depressed. For about 25 minutes straight I laid there making noises trying to communicate but couldn't. I mumbled fake words like "MAKO BLAKO SMALO DALO". I wanted help in a way, but no one was listening. It was a lonely feeling, but not a scary alone feeling. Eventually things became a little back to ordinary. The experience made me open my mind in ways I never imagined. I feel spiritually changed. I feel more strongly about the belief in a divine super-being that is responsible for life. This was a powerful experience I will never forget. I don't know when or if I will trip again, because of the extreme fatigue I felt the following day. In any event, the trip has changed my thinking of life profoundly.

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