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Jalama Beach, California.

Well, this is where it all starts, my first shroom trip.

Well, this is where it all starts, my first shroom trip. oh, by the way, i'm a girl and i'm 17. Me, my boyfriend and 4 of my friends decided to go to this beach and shroom. My friends Paul and Shawn were going to be the sober ones. We found this chill cave at the beach and decided to make our sandwiches. We ate an 1/8 each, and i have my friend paul(supossed to be sober haha) a baby shroom that was growing off of mine, and he also had a stem, he ended up trippin with us so it was just shawn being sober.

about 45 minutes later i noticed that when i looked at something it started to move, as if it were breathing. we had smoked 2 joints after we ate them so i was high. i started at the ground for about 10 minutes when suddenly i founf myself laying on a sand dune listening to an ipod shuffle with my boyfreind laughing our asses off. the song was going REALLY slow, but the singers voice was going really fast, and it was high pitched and squeaky. at this point i thought this would be as intense as my trip would get, but boy was i wrong. i heard someone call my name and i notoiced it was shawn, so i walked over to him.

he started saying something to me, but i couldn't pay much attention at first, so i asked him to say it again. When he started to repeat himself, it souinded like he was talking through a megaphone, and then his words turned into really high pitched jibberish. i heard no words, but thing's that sounded like "blogabarty hurg op shnagger" i figured it was pointless for me to talk to him if i couldnt understand so i walked away.

i went back to the ipod and layed down with my eyes closed. this was my favorite part of my trip. It looked like i was looking at a music visualizer on a computer. lots of kelidescope looking images were waving and flashing before my closed eyes. very colorful, and so fun. suddenly and indian lady appeared and i started cracking up and opened my eyes, i tried to see her again by closing my eyes, but she didnt come back, hahha.

i started to get up and walk towards the water, then i found myself running, i started laughing and everythign looked so beautiful that i wanted to cry. it was so much fun. Then i saw danny so i went to try and talk to him. he said "what's UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP????????" and then i walked away. i turned around and looked at danny and he looked liek the devil, but not in a scary way, more in a funny, weird way. then his face turned bright red and his eyes got big and he started laughing hysterically and he was running in circles.

i walked back to the shade we had been sitting under earlier, and it was almost gone, things only got crazier from here. when i looked at all my friends, instead of having hands and feet, they had nubs. i didnt realize it until now, but i had an incredible body high, i felt really heavy and when i walked it felt as if i was pounding the ground with my feet. my body was mostly numb.

shawn eventually got us all grouped together so walk a while until we found more shade. we enede up in a deep ravine and i thought we were climbing mount everest, only there was no snow. at this point i could tell i had stopped peaking, but i got into a very weird mood, i coulndt talk anymore, AT ALL. everything around me was still moving and the sky was purple. this is when i started to think very very weird thoughts. i eventually got lost in my own mind and i thought i was a caveman. suddenly all my friends were wearing bearskin and we has long knotted hair. for about 30 min i really thought that we were living in prehistoric times and that we were the only 6 people on earth. i came up with the "brilliant" comclusion that "Everything IS!" i thought i was genious when i came up with that.

we smoked more weed and it only enhanced my thoughts. when they first handed me the pipe i didnt know how to smoke it, but i eventually figured it out. my boyfriend suddenly looked like the most amazing person in the world and i felt closer to him than ever before. we walked out to the water and i fell in the wet sand, without noticing that my clothes were filled with it. i remember saying "Holy fucking shit, we're humans james! what the fuck!" and then he started saying shit like that too. we talked (like 5 year olds haha) for about an hour, using only basic vocabulary and i started to come down, i just felt really happy and drunk after that. i dont remember most of my trip, HUGE memory loss and loss of time.

i feel as though mushrooms have changed my life. my whole outlook and the world, people, nature has been severly changed (in a fantastic way). i feel like i've been reborn again, only into a better, smarter more aware human being. i woudl definatly recomend taking magic mushrooms to anyone who's willing to trip. i mean TRIP.. hard. It was udderly amazing. -Britney

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