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my friend and i decided to do shrooms.

my friend and i decided to do shrooms. ive done them once before and my friend didn't try it at all. we decided to go to the exibition and visit a place i like to call stonehenge....its a whole bunch of piled stones and stuff...u know wat i mean.... we brought some orange juice to drink with the shrooms. first we smoked a joint and then we started eating the shrooms. i don't know how much we had...prolly 1-1.5g each. my friend ate a nutrigrain bar with them to cover up the taste...i didn't mind. about forty minutes into the day we started feeling it. it fealt as if we were drunk and we couldn't stop moving. we would not be able to stand still but it was funny cuz at the time we didn't notice! then we ended up climbing some rocks and just standing on top of them...that was pretty fun. since we couldn't stay still we decided to jump so we started jumping around and dancing everywhere...i listen to trance music so i was havin a total blast. then some grass cutter guy came up to us and asked us if we were on shrooms....because i fealt so open and happy i said yes lol. i started talking to the guy while my friend slowly went into a bad trip. one little tip....if ur friends feel like moving...don't make them stop...if they start to fall asleep or lie with their eyes closed i suggest u wake them up cuz most likely theyre havin a bad trip. anyways so i decided to listen to my music again and i happen to look at a pine tree. from the breeze the branches were moving in real messed up up patters n i couldn't believe i was actually seeing this. then the guy that we met had two marks on his arm from wen he got bit by a dog wen he was younger so i started starin at it and his arm started to morph. i got pretty freaked out cuz it looked like he had some object under his skin lol it was pretty trippy...like a shovel that u would play in sand with lol. i smoked some hash with that guy and then he left so my friend n i decided to go inside the ex building. we met a guy who had a fucked up eye n it tripped me out lol he didn't look real.
now there weren't that many ppl there n i felt like socializing so i wanted to leave but my friend was having a bad trip and didn't want to see or talk to anybody. the only way i convinced her to leave was to go on a hunt to find the oldest and biggest tree in toronto! of course she thought it was a great idea so we left. my friend started coming out of her bad trip as soon as we left. we made friends with the bus driver and offered him some food lol. once we arrived around my place we decided to go on a trail to see if we can find any good trees. we decided to climb this huge, impossible to climb, steep hill lol we ended up getting stuck and couldn't move so we just stayed on it. i was leavning against a tree so i wouldn't fall down and my friend ended up sitting on the ground! we had a few smokes and we decided to take pictures...of course her and i ended up falling down while trying to get down the hill anyways lol. we ran out of film so we went to go buy another disposable camera and 1L coke bottle. we went and sat infront of a chocolate store and discussed everything imaginable. one thing i gotta warn u about...u get pretty horny...n u basically want to touch everything...well i did at least lol.by then we were already burnt out but my friend n i had a great time. we're gonna do them again in a month so i can't wait!
anyways hope u learned a few things n happy trippin!

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