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It's been a While...

December 10,1998-Somewhere in Texas- I guess you could call me an "Old Guy", as the week before I turned 45-(halfway to 90!

December 10,1998-Somewhere in Texas-
I guess you could call me an "Old Guy", as the week before I turned 45-(halfway to 90!). My job as a surveyor keeps me outside 10-12 hours a day in some of the most Cubinesis abundant parts of the world. Some of the younger guys had been picking and munching these lovely freshies for a few days, with reports of spectacular trips. Remembering how much fun 'shrooms were, and how much fun I had the last time I tripped--10,12, maybe 13 years ago, I picked a few for myself and headed to the motel, ready for a great night. I took 2 caps and 2 stems and jumped in the shower. As I recall, from the last time I tripped, it usually took at least an hour to get off, (dried stems and caps, from a friend) so that's what I expected. Well.....as I was drying off, that ol' familiar feeling of coming on began--in less than 15 minutes! I had a little anxiety at first, wondering just how high I was gonna get. Tried to watch TV, but all that I could understand was the Simpsons--Oh, the colors! Laying on the bed, the dark paneling on the walls suddenly got very bright and white to pink to lilac to yellow to......The celing became a flowing, storm cloud of gaseous plasma, white to ice blue and bubbly smoke that truly amazed me....All this in less than a half-hour of eating those beauties...RRRRIIIINNNNNGGGGG! My buddy Joe calls to see if I want to get something to eat and shoot pool and drink beer. Even after I hang up the phone, I can still hear it ringing! Things are moving into a higher level now with wild visuals and lots of colors. No food for me but the beer was good. Playing pool was quite a challenge with the cue bending in my hands. Balls looking much different than usual, impossible to sink. The band starts up playing slow country songs allnight. They were really pretty bad. Regardless, I had a great time with the colors, boiling celing, and strange looking people in this shithole Texas honkytonk. Then, after a few hours, just as fast as I came on to them, I was normal. Not high or spacey, or buzzed or drunk. Just normal. So after scores of trips over the years, I consider this to be the best 'shroom experiences ever. I'll be heading back there soon(to Texas that is), And you can bet I'll be picking lots of the little darlings for future enjoyment!

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