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It's a colorful life

A friend of mine, N, had gotten his hands on a 1/4 oz of mushrooms from Florida a few days ago.

A friend of mine, N, had gotten his hands on a 1/4 oz of mushrooms from Florida a few days ago. Around 9:30pm we split the bag... N playing this game on my puter, and me chillin in a beanbag chair on the floor watching an old Ghallager show. We waited about half an hour or so, not feeling much. A couple of guys from down the hall stopped in once in a while to see how we were doing, but there was nothing out of the ordinary to report.

30 mins later, N had this dazed smile on his face, and said he was starting to feel it. A couple mins later, that initial high hit me too and we went over to N's side of the room and watched TV over there. That movie ROAD WARRIOR (that old shit with mel gibson) was playing. We both commented on how it wasn't really a trip movie... that it was a movie you had to be in the mood for, but we couldn't change the channel. We just sat there, lunched out watching it as the mushrooms kicked in harder and harder. The movie was coming to life. The characters, the enviroment... felt almost as if it was some alien world that N and I were sucked into. Acid-like geometric patterns started appear and flowing all over the place.

Everything around us was alive. Everything had some kind of spirit that wasn't noticable before. The television, the trippy posters, the bed, the movie, the air... It was almost like everything was speaking some strange language that I couldn't quite understand... but I could tell they were all talking about some common force that united everything.. some kind of higher power.

Things started getting really weird at this point. I don't think I've ever tripped this hard on mushrooms (granted I haven't done them mant times). Friends down the hall had found out that N and I were under the influence so ppl kept popping in to see how we were doing.

Now I like hanging out with everyone on our hall, but when I'm tripping or rolling... I prefer a small, intimate group of ppl just chillin... having everyone in my room was starting to freak me out a bit. Everyone was trying to talk to N and I. N just layed on his bed with his girlfriend and started babbling and giggling like an idiot which was kinda funny.. but when the inquisition moved over to my side of the room, I started getting nausiated and seeing rows of yellow smiley faces all over my wall and bed. I could barely communicate with anyone.

Most ppl left pretty quickly as I started to peak. N and his girl friend were laying on N's bed watching road warrior (which was sounding REALLLLY weird from my side of the room... and it was getting louder and louder). Two others were in the room... one of whom was this girl, S, that i have the hugest crush on. She came over to my side of the room which made me kind of uncomfortable at first, but she sat on my bed, smiled at me and asked me to describe how I was feeling after handing me a cigarette and lighting it for me. I got my ass off my computer and layed back next to her... I can't really remember what I said but I just felt so calm and comfortable around her. She was about the only person the whole night who I could understand what they were saying. She sat there with her hand on my arm, telling me to just sit bat, relax, and stare at this fractal poster I had.. that I should just lay there and not say anything... and let the thoughts in my mind just flow. Someone was knocking at the door but she told me not to answer. We just sat there for about 5 minutes (felt like an eternity... I wish it was) completely quiet. I don't really know what was going on between us at that point, but I could have just died right there a happy man. I really wish that moment could have lasted forever.

As N and I were coming down off our peaks the few of us left in the room sparked up a couple bowls and chilled out watching the X files movie. The nausea was finally over and at last I felt soooooo relaxed.

Eventually the trip wore off and I faded out into a general -stonedness- while me, N, and another friend smoked in another room. I kept trying to pass on the bowl but N kept saying that I dont let myself go enough and that I need to just loosen up every once in a while so we kept smoking and smoking. We stoof there smoking and smoking and just talking about how much we were looking forward to growing old and retiring... And finally.. N just passed out. "I can't see.. I can't see" he kept saying. At first we didn't know what to think.. until he said "No.. this is a problem.. I cant see". I knew he wouldnt joke about something like this. Then he just fell to the ground with his back still against the wall. My other fried C and I grabbed him and tried to wake him up thinking, "Oh shit we killed the bastard". Suddenly it just clicked in my head that he had just passed out. The same thing had happened to me a year and a half ago when I had my ear piercing so I knew N would be ok. I told C to go grab a glass of water while I started filling N in as to was just happened.

After our nerves calmed down we chilled back in C's room watching white men cant jump... letting our brain cells recover from the twisted night. eventually I just grew so tired (about 4:30am at this point) I went back to my room and passed out... waking up the next day feeeelin gRRrRrEat! :)

There's still a few points in the night which just draws a blank. I can't even remember what the hell I was talking about half the time. There were times where it got so intense I just needed to close my eyes, but when I closed them... there wano change.. I could see my room exactly as if I had my eye open. Weird...

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