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It was like a Dream.

Hi there!

Hi there! I am going to tell you about my first time on Acid. I was at my friend D's place. I had not going there too much. ME D, and S all went on a hit of Acid. The first couple of hours were great. We had so much fun laughing abotu whatever. After about a half an hour D said hey want to smoke up? ME and S were like sure. So we smoked a couple bong loads. Then after we had the paisties. D got us a pop each. I took what seemed like a couple sips of my pop. THen D and S loooked at me and said my do you keep sipping your pop. I said oh I am? Then they said ya. I could not help, but take a couple more sips. Then after I really was starting to feel the acid and weed together. I stood up, because I felt weird. Then I said to myself why and a standing up? I them sat down again. Then after D and S looked at me and asked if I was alright. I sid I think so then went to the bathroom to wash my face. It didn't feel like the water was on my face. I then sat down. S came in and said are you sure you are ok? I said Shit I can't belive I am on this tip with you. Then we began to laugh. We then went back to D's room. I looked around and though to myself am I really here? Then I thought no I am not I don't come here to visit very much and I never get to see S because she lives far away. I then thought it was a dream. I asked them is this really happening? They said yes man it is ok it is just the cid. Them my hands begain to trail. I really hated that. It freaked me out seeing how I didn't know what to expect. D left the room. He called one of his friends to come over. The friend was not on anything. THat made me feel bad. I thought to myself fuck watch them talk about me and say I am a freak or something. D and his buddy left the room. Me and S were sitting there then S lit a smoke. She took 2 puffs and said hey how long have a had this? It seems like forever. I begain to laugh. Then I tripped over the time. It was going too slow. I began to worrie about my contacts. I could not get off it. Then I looked at S she began to hit the side of her head to 2 times. I Asked why she had did that. She said did what? Then I told her. We began to laugh. Then that Dracula song came on the Radio. The words sounded so weird. THey dragged on and on. I didn't like that at all. It was pissing me off. D, S, and D's friend tried to get me to trip over this pic but my mind was set on the music, my hands trailing, the time, and the contacts. I could not stop thinking about the time. It seemed like 5 hours had past. When I looked at my watch it had been only 2 min. I couldn't stop thinking of the time. Then it was about 2 am I thought me and S should leave so we did. I felt better at home. I could not get to sleep all that night though. All I want to say is when ever you go ona powerful drug like acid or shrooms make sure you know the people you are with and that you can trust them. And don't mix too much stuff together. :)

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