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it really happened?

a recent TRIP to the va beach.

a recent TRIP to the va beach...well, what i recall of it, started with 6 caps and an orange, 2 lucky charms, and 3 bong loads in a pinto that didn't just SEEM loud as hell. after about 30 min's, when i felt my head, it seemed to be vibing with the motor and i thought for sure this would start my trip off all fuckered up. i was just starting to enjoy the lines strobing and rising from the road as if to greet me when we went around a sharp turn in the road and had to slam the brakes to keep from rearending another car 4 feet ahead of us. much to my surprise the car skidded sideways and we were looking straight at a 6 foot dune and the only thing to do here was to floor it and hope. as the car went vertical on the dune wall we waited to fall down on the other car next to us, but we actually made it around him and came back down to our lane perfectly. needless to say, this kicked in the trip with an adrenalin rush so intense and fast. i felt like my heart was beating outta my chest and i really had to pee. we pulled over to get a grip on the moment and to try to relax.
loaded the bong and off we went. cars and houses seemed to fly past in a rainbow blurr and we, in this fuckin loud car, were the only things to focus on without losing our senses.
when we got to our destination we sat around the room and talked and laughed at the "60's" decor for a while and decided to walk to the beach.
only one person was sober besides a few bong hits but to this day she swears she saw the swarm of beatles, or roaches, or whatever the hell they were! no shit! these things were 6 inches long, coming outta the storm sewers under the sidewalks and turning the entire road into a creep show. they crunched under our feet as we ran screamin and jumping to the uninfested dune that luckily was not as far as it seemed. figuring it couldn't get any weirder, when we got to the point where the ground was still wet from the last wave which seemed to pull the shore back to the sea with it, i felt it pulling me as i marveled at the beauty of the night sky with a moon so bright it seemed to fill me with a power and force stronger than i've ever experienced before. my arms, i noticed, were spread as if i were being tied helplessly to a cross. but i felt at peace with the elements around me, the water rushing over my feet...until it receded, which hilariously, made me fall flat on my face in the sand, still spread eagle...lost about 1 1/2 here... i found myself walkin along the shoreline but in a stumbling manner because there were starfish (that i had no desire to tread upon barefoot) covering almost every square inch of my path, which was only about 2 1/2 feet wide with an endless ocean on both sides.
ok time to get back to the room to eat...coming off the beach from i think the same dune we entered, we peeked over and checked for the creepy crawlies who seemed to be a one time "freakout". i was feeling the "x" more than anything now. (tip: vaseline on "x"!!!!) hehehe the rest of the trip was a blurr, or should be printed in a playboy article so that's all you get.

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