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Island Adventure

This Trip occured late July 2001.

This Trip occured late July 2001. I live in Canada within an hour drive of the US/Canadian border. There is a lake that splits the border called Spednic lake, and it is huge, containing numerous Islands. Originally the plan was to go and camp at the provincial park on the canadian side...but last minute a canoe was strapped to the top of the Pathfinder and new plans were made.

I was doing the driving and had two of my good friends along with me, one who I hadn't seen in a few years, and one who I had tripped with before on a few occastions. For the sake of the story Ill give them fake names Brent and Lyle.

--=What we brought along=--
1 40oz Canadian Club Whisky
1 Flat of Moosehead Premium Dry
~8 Grams of nice weed
~8 Grams of Shrooms. (I have no idea what kind, I didn't acquire them but they were from a reputable source)


Upon reaching the destination we set the canoe down by the water and filled it with our supplies. We brought a bunch of steaks and chicken breasts, and the usual stoner munchies. Not to mention a propane barbecue (this barbecue caused problems later :/ ) Upon packing the canoe we set off to find some random uninhabited island. There were islands out there designed for remote camping with toilets and picnic tables but they were all occupied by families with small children and such. On the canoe ride out we stayed sober because deciding on the island was a somewhat important step...considering there is a border patrol boat that frequents the lake. A few small arguments errupted on the ride out to the island, mainly over which island to camp at. At this point in time I was wondering if "lyle" was a good person to have around when tripping on shrooms. We decided on an island and tied the canoe onto a tree near shore... After a quick inspection of the inland, we decided it was a good spot to camp and we wouldn't be sleeping with rocks sticking into our backs. We set up the tent and lugged the barbecue and more importanly the drugs to the tent. Most of the gear was out of the canoe but not all...this was our biggest mistake, mainly because we grabbed what we could, brought it to the tent and started consuming...to be precise, I had a beer in hand before I even got out of the canoe.

12:00 Noon

Once we were in the tent we set up a torch and did about 3 grams of blades between the 3 of us. We were feeling pretty relaxed by this time and decided it was as good a time as anyt o drop the shrooms. We divided what we had up evenly and each had a little over 2.5 grams. After eating the shrooms we fired up some more blades and I was starting to wonder where these shrroms were from because nothing was happening. (this was about a half hour later).


We finished off the weed and things started to get interesting. Brent all of a sudden got out of the tent and took off towards some rocks that lined and inlet into the island and eventually me and Lyle followed. The trip wasn't really intense at this point...everything just sort of had a surreal effect to it, and my perception of audio seemed to change a bit, everything seemed a little bit reverberated. *** Note...during this whole time we were drinkin beers. The conversation at the time was somewhat foggy and didn't make a whole lot of sense. After about a half hour out on the rocks the shrroms REALLY kicked in and al three of us were really pumped. We decided to go back to where we docked the canoe and grab some beers...we ended up sitting on the nice wicker seats of the canoe drinking a lot of beer and whiskey and babbling on not making any sense. Communication was not occuring naturally :)

1:35 PM

The alcohol was taking its toll and at this point I was sort of sitting, sort of laying in the middle of the canoe just staring out over the water enjoying the sun. I could barely hold onto my beer and I was pretty messed up. I think i dropped a few cigarettes but all was good. Brent was to my right on the seat babbling on in some strange shroom language and kyle was silent just staring up at the sky. We were about 2/3rd of the way through the 24 beer we brought and since the canoe was half in the water brett decided to see what water felt like when he was trippin...he was standin in the water and he almost fell in a few times but all was good. The bad news was that I saw a speedboat about 450 yards out from shore with people just kinda staring at us... I told the guys and they kinda just said forget about it at first, but it kept getting closer....


The boat went away and came back a few times and we decided it would be best if we cleaned up the beer cans and stuff that was on the beach. We did that and went up to the tent and kinda stayed away from the shore for ahwile. The shrooms were still in great effect...and after sitting around the tent for a few minutes brent kinda went nuts and grabbed a huge stick and went runnning off through the woods with it to the other side of the island. me and lyle chased him and running through the woods was really cool because the visuals as the trees went by were just...unexplainable. When we reached the other side of the island brett and kyle were doing some sort of samurai fighting shit witha bunch of sticks and I was just jumping from rock to rock. The temperature started to cool off and we all started to come back to our senses....a bit.

After a nasty fall jumping from rock to rock we headed back to the camp and ralized that we hadn't eaten anything that day. This is where the end of the trip occured and this is where it got bad. We tried to set up the barbecue but lyle dropped it spilling out all of the lava rock. I started picking it up but it was in a pile of leaves and pine needles...so some of those got into the barbecue. kyle kinda freaked out because he was really hungry and his trip was going bad fast. He wanted to canoe back to the truck and go home (what a wuss). Anyway we cooked up some food, ate and passed out around 9 that nite... I woke up with blood on my shirt (i have no clue where from, probably the fall). When we got up we cooked the rest of the food and expressed just how shitty we all felt and paddled back to the truck. The three of us dont know whether to call it a fun time, or a bad experience, but i can honestly say its the most messed up Ive ever been.

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