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Ishmael's First Trip

My first trip.

My first trip....

I am not sure how to organize this but lets give it a shot...
I had had an experience about 2 weeks earlier when my friends and I each ate a little over 2 grams of wet shrooms... but that was only a very mild stoning sort of feeling. I don't smoke weed or drink anymore, mainly because of track. That is one of the main reasons I decided to grow mushrooms in the first place. I had had to sell my first 1/8 of shrooms so I was bummed out that my friends and I could not all trip together with me that weekend. (I needed the money bad) I will not be using real names.

Two days ago Feb 23 my friends and I decided to go to my house for the night and the two of them were going to get drunk. Kristin brought a fifth of Captain Morgains (sp?) and after Curt took one shot I said "damnit, I wanna trip now!". (It was about 10:00 at that time) I pulled out my baggy of aborts (and one dry mature one) and went to work on the cakes in my terarrium. I picked 2 pretty damn big ones and 2 average ones. After that I picked about 15 aborts. (I check for them only every 5 days or so... lazy me) I set them all down on a paper towel. There were 20 aborts (all of them at least as big as my thumb nail... 'cept the already dry ones) and 5 mature ones. I am not sure how many grams I ate but I am guessing more more than 14-15 grams if they were all fresh. I even got out a small knife and ate all of the small aborts after I was done.

Kristin took like half a shot and was done drinking. (I tasted it and it tasted really shitty... even for liquer) Curt took another shot and Kristin decided to stop drinking. We sat and talked a while and things started to get a little different. I had eaten them about a half hour ago when I started to notice anything at all. Then when I was talking to Kristin it hit me like truck. Her face isntantly started melting and I was like "oh shit...". She asked what was happening but it was hard to explain and after who knows how long I said to forget it. (I bet she knows how long but my sense of time was really really bad.... I will try to guess times) I laid down on my bed and looked at the T.V. stand. The grains surface of the natural wood began to flow and became a cool looking orange color. The colors shifted around, I was able to make the colors change but I am not quite sure how I did it. I just kind of thought of the color and it became that color.

Kristin saw me staring at the wood surface and she said "oh geeze, he'll get lost when he finds the door". I was like "oh yea, sweet" and I hopped over and sat down criss-cross. The door almost instantly morphed into a liquid and began pouring down but this time the colors changed all by themselves and I didn't even feel like trying to do it myself, I was too caught up in it all. My friends talked for about 10 minutes maybe and saw that I wasn't going to stop looking at the door. They pulled me away and I didn't resist too much cause I knew they were prolly helping.

I went into my room and sat down at my computer. I fired up winamp and turned on G-force (a really cool visual deal for music). I put in Tranceport and just watched. (Tranceport is some damn good techno trance) I sat there for a while and then my friends pulled me off that. (Geeze... heh) I went into my room and sat on the bed. Instead of looking at the T.V. stand I looked at my carpet, where some extremely amazing things happened. As I looked at the carpet the fibers bagan to rise an fall in sequence to create large patterns. After looking for a while they began to bunch up and form objects and people. A small man rose up from the carpet only to be sucked into a small hole. The hole began sucking in all of the designs and carpeting, and grew until it was about 3 feet across and suck in all of the carpet in the surrounding area even though she was sitting there just like normal. I got kinda freaked out and looked away... when I looked back it was normal.

I started to look at the carpet again and my friend called. I talked to him and told him I was tripping and he started throwing tons of questions at me. I was like "I will tell you later... geeze". He told me there was a rave in town and asked if I wanted to go and I said that would kick ass. Kristin got on the phone and found out where the party was. We left my house and went to the party only to find that my friend forgot to tell us he wasn't meeting us there. When I walked in I was glad to see that the rooms were all smokey and noone would be able to see my eyes very well. (My pupils took up 80-85% of my eyes) I saw my friends brother and his girlfriend. She spotted that I was tripping and started playing with my head. There was only a strobe lighting that room so I started getting pretty freaked out. (Don't do that to people... it seriously freaked me out bad) Dave informed us that we were supposed to pick Chuck up.

The car ride over the Chuck's house was very interesting. As I looked out the window I noticed all the lights were blury and really big. When we stopped at his house the light pole was bending and it was kind of really wierd. I asked Kristin what the meaning of life was and she tried her best to explain it to me. I tried to tell her what was going on in my head but it was kind of hard talking, I kept getting distracted by visuals and there was a lot going on in there... Chuck and Curt came back to the car and we went back to the party. I was really really glad to see Chuck for some reason.

When we got to the party I got some anxiety since I didn't know anyone and I actually sized everyone up and started wondering what I was going to do when someone attacked me (I dunno, but that is what I was worried about). I sat in a chair and sat nervously for a while. Curt told me to relax and hang out but I was just too antsi. I could have really used some weed right about then to relax me. Then Chuck's friend said he would sell us an 1/8 of ganja. Curt gave me 5 bucks and I had a 50. Mike said he would sell us the 1/8 for 10 bucks. It was like 1:00 and I was still in my peak and kinda freaked out. We ran around downtown looking for open places to get change for a 50.

Curt was drunk and I felt I had to keep him from walking into traffic. I was like "oh shit, I am tripping on shrooms and taking care of Curt...". That kinda freaked me out and it was really cold. After like 10 minutes we went back up to the party and chilled out. We ended up giving this guy a 50 for 40 bucks and bought the weed... so we may has well payed regular price. We smoked a couple small bowls of herbs and hung out a while longer. I went into the bathroom and my face was still twirling and morphing if I looked longer than a couple seconds.

I went into the smoking room wich had a light projection deal that had colored oils in it and made patterns on the wall. The images on the wall were slightly blurry and watching them break apart, spin and change colors was just simply amazing. The walls looked like they had giant bubbles inside of them moving around and changing colors. I sat there for what was probably a lot longer than I think but it was fun watching the wall break apart and rejoin again.

We decided to leave the party a little after I started coming down from the trip. When we got to my house we all found spots in my room and fell dead asleep. The next day I could not stop thinking about the night before and I wanted to tell my friends how great and wonderful it was to trip on shrooms. Then we decided we are all going to trip hard together. I hope to plan out a trip this time though, instead of winging it and hoping I have fun...

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