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Interesting move

It was April the fourth, 2002.

It was April the fourth, 2002. I had just gotten suspended for possession of 4 grams of magical mushies. There were 4 gone, jeeze, what a bummer. Plus my parents now knew I was into shrooms, not so much of a bummer, but they yelled a lot.

With 5 grams left, and the chance that police could come over the next day to search my room for more (well I dunno, they could have - they didn't by the way), I took 4.6 grams out of the bag and into my mouth they went. Boy were they horrid. But I didn't get that sick feeling or anything (I don't get any stomach probs on alcohol either). I washed them down with sprite. And when I had finished consuming it was about 10:35 pm.

I went to the bathroom to clean the bits out of my mouth. Then went to my basement to go chat online with some friends and listen to music until the little guys kicked in.

11:04 pm. Hmm, I don't feel much different, maybe I should eye up a few things to see if the visuals are starting. I looked at my wood wall and yes, the knots were moving slowly. Yippy, its begun.
I decided to leave and go chill out for the rest of the journey in my room. I got up and suddenly felt the heavy sensations all throughout my body.
I ran up the stairs and went straight to my room so that my mother or father wouldn't see my dinner plate pupils. I bumped into the wall along the way but it was all good.

11:15 pm. I sat in the corner of my room on my bed, flipped on the t.v. and decided to see what was on. Flipping the channels was brutal. Each time I changed the channels the flash it created would take a jab at my head, and sort of knock me back a bit. Almost like it was visually jabbing me.
I couldn't take it, so I left it on whatever channel it was, stood up and went over to my lizard terrarium just to see how things were going.
I tried desperatly to fing Lizzy (creative, I know), but she was hiding under her favourite peice of wood.
WOAH!!! A cricket jumped from a leaf and hit the screen, it looked incredably fast, but like I had seen it shown in slow-motion. It was scary but very fun. Turning my head felt like the joints in my neck were made of butter and were magnetic to each other. But I eventually turned it and noticed that my blinds were racing.

Cool, they were so fast it was hard to keep track of them, but once I concentrated they stopped. Hmmm, the shrooms still own that quality of control during the trip. I looked at my plain white wall and it was stained with the colours of my drapes. Blue, purple red and green. So ugly on the drapes, but on the wall it was beautiful.

I went to my desk and did some signatures of my tag name - Ribcage. They came out so easily and it was like I was just doing something I had been doing for years on end, it was so easy, that it was actually boring. And after about 4 signatures I just left it at that and returned to my bed.

11:50 pm. Wow, how had it taken me that long to do what I did? I must have been caught intrance at quite a few things for longer than I thought. The cricket memory felt like it had just happened. I looked at my t.v. to see what was making such a stupid, foreign sound.
It was a chinese news reporter talking away, I laughed histerically. "How could I have left t.v. on the chinese channel?" It was just too stupid of me I had to laugh.

She looked normal, but when I punched in 47, the simpsons were on, and Homer was not normal. His head grew like a light bulb and wouldn't stop. It went back to normal a few times but the last time it didn't stop, even when I shifted my attention to Lisa, how was very edgy and sharp looking. I could see that Homers' head was still growing. Then he did some sort of a victory cheer, and he bent his legs, but when his torso returned to normal height, his legs were still bent and curled. Hmm, thats not right. So there was this sharp and profound little yellow girl talking to a giant lightbulb thing with pretzle legs. The Simpsons was so funny now. But not interesting. I flipped through to see what else was on.

12:00 pm. Hmm, nothing very interesting on. I eventually landed on Muchmusic. Hoping for some trippy music, I was sadly greeted by Britney Spears In Hawaii. Wtf was that? The music seemed to be a million miles away, I guess the shroom gods knew I would hurt my ears just listening to it. But that was beyond me, what was fascinating was the odd mutilations I would see. She would dance, and move her leg one way, and then the other, but it would appear like her legs were detached. Sorta like her torso was dancing beside her legs.

This was getting retarded, off with the t.v. for now. Click. With that it felt as though someone else had entered the room and was 'with' me.

12:11 pm. I sat there, uncomfortable, feeling as though I was being watched, and the heaviness was making me want to move around. But I couldn't, I was stuck in my room. WHY? WHy did I take the mushrooms when I knew I was gonna be stuck here? This was not fun.

I lay down, this was no better. My ceiling was boring as all hell. It was pure white, smooth, no thought put into it. I reached up and noticed slow slow tracers come from my hand. HMM, how come I didn't notice the tracers before? Oh well, this was fun, I decided to see what other things produced tracers. I grabbed my remote and waved it in a figure out, leaving a stain on the ceiling. Very strange. I grabbed my water sprayer thing for my lizard and waved it around, amusing.

I grabbed my plants leaf and shook it violently, suddenly my right arm dropped with a super heavy feeling, and then went back to how it was normally but with a tingly numb sensation. Hmmm, okay the plant didn't like that, I must respect the plant.

12:26 pm. I lay back on my bed and thought to myself "flow with it, just flow with it, don't resist". Except I wasn't resisting anything, I just felt uncomfortable. Maybe it was the lights. I turned them off and lay down again, on my side.

I didn't have to close my eyes, there were definate visuals going on. After what seemed like 10 minutes of this I started to hear alien like music. Just different instruments I could recognize, like a harp, guitar, drums, etc, but they were played so strangly, and I could introduce new instruments, but couldn't 'play' the tune to my liking. I just had to let it do its thing.
The visuals were streams of light and patterns which seemed to immitate or comply to the music. I looked at my clock, 12:28. Wow, two minutes? Thats not right. Oh well, back to wonderland.

I lay on my stomach and looked up, it felt as though I was going a million miles forward, but at the same time, just lying there incapable of moving. Suddenly I said "I am a demon, I am here to murder" out loud.
Umm, WHAT?? Why did I just say that? Were these evil mushrooms? Was there something evil in me? Amongst me? What was going on? That was definitely spooky. I curled into a ball on my left side and noticed I couldn't escape the demon. I saw my plants leaves all form together (in sillouhette of course) and form the face of what I thought was the demon. So, was the plant talking to me? What was going on? Ah who cares, its mushrooms, they're supposed to freak ya out a little.

12:32 pm. Wow, time has taken a break eh? I tried to cheer myself up with some visuals, (The light from my clock shown on the left side of my bed but not my right, so I had to close my eyes). I did so and I saw a clowns face made of thin rainbow lighting. His eyes bulged and he began to laugh. What was so funny? Who are you? Hmm, neat anyhow. Then he turned into a jester, but the jester was a skull with evil eyes. He began to laugh really hard and his mouth got so wide open that it split apart and FOOM the demon, this time clearer than ever, grew from out of his mouth.

The alien music returned but this time it played a happy "I gotcha" tune. I didn't like this. I rolled over and now I saw a hippy with a pipe saying "woah man, ease up". Okay, visuals aren't as fun as they seemed anymore. I got up and turned on the lights. The room was normal once again.

I shut my eyes, rubbed them and opened them again, just like that, my carpet was shivering like water, I felt like I could dive right into it. I was standing next to my dresser, and when I looked at it, trying to find strange patterns in the wood grain, the bottom drawer began to slide open. I got scared and once I realized it was opening by itself it shut. What did I do to myself? I could have just chucked the bag, but Noooo I had to eat em.

12:41 pm. I flipped the t.v. on again, and turned the channel down one, it was Showcase, channel 29. Hmm, porn again? Nope, just a freaky ass movie called Kids.
It was perfect. I felt like I was right there with them, I could relate to everything in the movie, I felt like I was one of them, but with more knowledge, and not so thuggish or stupid. Everyone in the movie looked hilarious, but then I began to think was it the shrooms making them look this funny or did they actually look this retarded? Some of them appeared normal, so I thought, it wasn't the shrooms.

12:54 pm. Commercials came, wow, I have to piss. I get up quietly and open my door, walk to the bathroom, turn on the light and stand there for about 5 minutes. Hey, its ME, looking at ME! Or is it Me, looking at Me? Which side of the mirror am I on? Am I the reflection? This is a difficult question to answer. Oh yeah, I have to pee. I Piss, and boy, what aim. The bowl looked like a mouth just ready to drink my waste, pretty disgusting really, but my piss left so many blurs I didn't care. I was done my business and began to wash my hands. I turned around to see how my wallpaper would appear. Hmm, not moving. Bummer. Oh wait, yeah its breathing, no, its sliding. Okay, well the wall is doing its own thing, the pattern (which is of vines and stems with flowers on the end that all twist together but don't touch each other) began to crawl and lengthen like snakes. While the wall was breathing or sliding the actual design was slithering and growing. As the pulsing/sliding slowed down the slithering sped up, really really sped up. It was really fast, I was dumbstruck by it. I couldn't stop staring.

I heard a thud and remembered "oh yeah, Kids". I left and went back to my room.

1:22 am. I sat down and watched the movie. Some guy, was standing with some girl, and they were talking about how he likes her, I dunno, but then all the sudden her eyes bulged enormously. Freaky, I decided to see what else looked strange on t.v... I flipped and flipped finding nothign too interesting, except a commercial with Samuel L. Jackson and his nostrils were pointed straight out like cheif Wiggums, and his forehead was tiny.

1:24 am. Off with the t.v., this was just too boring. So, click, but right when the tv went black, it started to melt. From the top it just shrank. I was used to things growing on shrooms, but not shrinking, or melting. Parts of the top frame were oozing over the screen while other parts remained where they were and shrank with the rest of the tv. WOah, now thats fucked up. It melted about halfway before I glanced away and then back to find it was normal again.

Then I went to read, but this was impossible because the words meant nothing and I was just moving my eyes across the page. But strangly enough I understood what was happening. Oh well, it was too much to think about, so I put the book down and turned the t.v. back on with the lights off.

From then till about 2:10 I watched t.v. and sometimes took breaks to watch my hands create tracers. Time went by sooooo slowly, it felt like weeks.

After a while I realized what a waste of time it was to just sit there watching t.v. and my hands. So I got up and went back to my bathroom, I liked it there, it was fun, and the wallpaper was hype.

There I realized there was no demon in me, the plant was mad at me. It was thirsty. For some reason I just knew this. I went back, got my water thingy, filled it in the bathroom (which was pretty retarded visually) and then gave my plant some water. With that its colours increased upon second glance. I could see the details and when I moved its stems created tracers. It felt like the plant had been heard, that it finally let me experience it under the influence.

The strange thing is, when I go into the bathroom, the only thing I can see from there in my room is the plant. I guess thats why I got those feelings.

For the next 30 minutes I chilled in the bathroom staring at the wall, carpet, tile, out the window, in the mirror, at my toothbrush. Everything was so different there. Its like seeing a friend you've known forever with a new haircut, they're the same, yet, they're not.

I went back to my room and turned everything off. I lay down and tried to sleep. I knew this wasn't happening, cause I was still seeing things. I looked at the clock, 2:41, great, its been 4 hours just about, and the last time i took these zoomers they wore off in 4 hours.

Well i lay there for what seemed like months, looked at the clock, 2:42. MAN, this is hard and frustrating. I did this battle with the clock a few times until finally I woke up in the morning feeling totally refreshed not knowing how I fell asleep or when.

I don't care really. But I'm never taking shrooms to get rid of evidence, never that much and never that late.

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