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October 23, 1998.

October 23, 1998. We purchased 4 grams from my buddy and ground it up into powder. At around 6:40pm we drank it down on empty stomachs with Barq's rootbeer, tasted perfectly normal.

We walked to another park and on the way, within 15 minutes, we were both tripping. Everything was so dark it was scary amongst all the trees. We found a bench at the edge of the lake and sat down. I watched as the lilypads in front of us turned into fish and swam around. On the otherside of the lake you could see the mall and all the high rises. They seemed so insignificant. My friend thought the moon was attached to one of the buildings and then he looked back it was gone, but I assured him it was only playing hide and seek. The lake seemed too dead, so we walked up to this arts theatre and walked in. The pictures on the wall were so scary and their eyes turned evil. We went into the washroom and tried to gather ourselves. As usual, I was tripping harder earlier on, and when i saw my face in the mirror it kept changing on me.

We left the building since we didnt have tickets for the play and sat down on the bench. The lights played on the pavement and the ground looked liquified. It was swirling in different colours. My friend wanted to go smoke some weed down by the lake again, but it was just too dark for me, so we went beside this tree instead. It took him like 1/2hr to pack the bowl and all the while i stared at this tree as it appeared to be running rampant with bugs. My friend touched it to assure me it was fine, but there was no way I was gonna do the same. He finally finished the bowl and we walked around.

We decided to goto 7-11 and on the way I wasnt sure if the pavement was part of the road as all the cars zipped right past us. All the cars looked cartoony and my friend told me they seemed elastic to him. They slingshotted past us. We got in 7-11 and tried to buy a slurpee. My friend put 7 straws in it, and it was hard to drink. Completely disorientated, I tried to find a bus stop. Luckily within a few minutes the bus came and we got on. The bus ride felt as if we were in disneyland and we were on a big boat cruising through the swamp.

We finally got to the mall and got tickets to watch a movie. The only movie that was starting soon was Antz, so we got tickets for that. We tried to use the interact machine and it took us like 10 minutes. There was lots of time before the movie started so we went into the arcade. The games seemed so alive, all I wanted to do was watch. My friend kept saying they'd kick us out if we didnt pay, so we left. We went to the movies like 30 minutes early and the theatre it was in was being cleaned. So we sat down. All the signs seemed so bright and curvy. Finally the movie started and my trip was winding down. It had been about 4 hours and I just tried to enjoy the movie. I felt really tired. On the way home, my friend finally saw things move and shit and he was tripping until 2am.

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