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The trip i am about to describe took place about 3 weeks ago.

The trip i am about to describe took place about 3 weeks ago. After A long search my friends and I had finally managed to get a hold of some mushrooms. In my town they only come around ever few months, there is never a steady supply of mushrooms. Anyway I had to work until 6:00 PM that day. I had asked my friends (who had never tripped before) to wait until i was off work so that we could all trip together. Of course they can't resist the sunny weather and had already come down from their trips by the time I found them. I was kinda pissed but then again i still had the whole night ahead of me. I started munching on about half of the 7 grams i had purchased. This was my fifth trip and ended up to be the most intense. I finished about 3.5 grams as we pulled into subway. The four of us sat and they were telling me about there trips. After about 30 mins I could already feel the tingling on my brain. Then My friend pointed out that one of my pupils was bigger than the other. i go into the bathroom and look in the mirror. Not only are my pupils different sizes but they are huge. I could already tell that this was going to be a good trip. About an hour had passed when my friend Mike and I went to pick up a bag of herb from our friendly nieghborhood dealer. We show up and there are about five of are good friends over. We sat around and sampled some of the buds through his bong. I was tripping good now and was skeptical on weather i should smoke buds or not. But then i figured that one hit couldn't hurt. That one rip was all I needed. Right as I exhaled the patterns and colors started dancing. The sense of euphoria was getting stronger and stronger by th minute. We only stayed for 15 mins, we said our goodbyes and left. The car ride back to my friends house was awesome. As we got onto the main roads there was more and more lights. All the street lamps and head lights started trailing behind us as we flew through traffic. I remember thinking that it felt like traveling through hyperspace. The sky's color shifted from orange to yellow to red to purple as paterns and geometrical shapes filled my vision. We started talking about some personal shit and i really enjoyed it. A lot of things had been on my mind for some time and i was finally able to unload it all. We arrived at Mike's house where Ian and Rob were waiting. I had my guitar set up and ready for some spontanious improve throughout the night. The thing I love most about mushrooms is the sense of clarity and understanding it gives you. I started realizing how easily obtainable happiness is. I also came to the conclusion that societies and cultures are all destroyed by humans natural defense barriers. To defend them selves from physical and emotional harm humans have built in defense reactions. These walls and defenses are what keep the human race from sharing there feeling and needs openly and truthfully. Mushrooms takes down these defenses and allows one to truly open up to others emotions and feelings. another thing we contemplated was the ineffectiveness of language. Words are such poor substitutes for actual feelings and sensations. Another random thought we where thinking was how each and everyone of us is utterly alone. We only know what goes on in our own minds. We say we understand each other and know what other people are feeling, but in actuallity in order to truly understand someone you must become them. The most amazing part of this trip was the increase in musical creativity I experienced. I started to play my guitar kind of slow at first, I then started to really let to music capture and control me. I have been able to achieve this mood sober but the mushrooms intensified the feeling far greater than i ever expected. I was not even thinking of what I was playing it just flowed from me to the guitar. It was effortless. After and intense jam my friends all said that it was the best they had ever heard me play, which I was very pleased to hear. I experienced more visuals on this trip than any previous trip i had taken. I was left alone in my friends garage at one point. I stared at the H on the front of his Honda Civic. The car had a look to it that almost gave it a personality. The next thing I know the car is stretching and breathing. Soon the whole room is contracting and pulsing in a rythmic motion. The sound of people running and talking, cars starting and doors slamming from the party across the street all turned into a symphony of echos and music. the sounds bounced from one ear to the othe and back again like surround sound. It was really cool, i felt like the car was communicating with me. I eventually got tired of being alone and went back in. I went outside just to check out the stars. I slipped out quietly so no one would follow. I sat in the shadows on the side of the house and watched the stars. Then a barking caught my attention. This white blob of color approaches me. I couldn't make out what it was. The white blob started to twist and morph into other figures as it continued to growl and bark. I know now that it was only the neighbors little white dog, but at that time because i saw this being so distorted I couldn't recognise it at all. There is a lot more to this trip but it would take about three times this space to do it justice. This trip was a reminder of how enlightening the mushrooms are. If respected and used moderatly mushrooms will broaden your thinking and view of the world you live in. I just picked up a half ounce two days ago and am going to trip this friday I can't wait. Sorry for the random layout of this report I wrote things as they came to me.

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