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intense half eighth

Ten of us got together last night at ten pm at Jeff and Skip's house.

Ten of us got together last night at ten pm at Jeff and Skip's house. The house was very isolated and I felt very safe because of this and also because I liked and felt comfortable with everybody there (except for this one kid who wasn't supposed to be there, but he "filled in" for someone else who balied at the last minute)We each did a half an eighth. I had triped on shrooms several times before, and I thought I felt pretty sure of what to expect. Also, because it was only a half eigth I only expected a level one or two trip. A half hour after we dropped, we did a few bong hits. My stomach hurt pretty bad at this point, but I started to feel high, but not more than I would have from just smoking probably. After another hour I felt restless. I saw that a lot of the others were really starting to bug out hard. I decided to take a walk with two of the others that seemed relatively calm. We walked to a nearby bridge and watched the water. It was beautiful. I had a visual that the bars of the railing were piercing through my arm. We decided to return to the house in order to smoke more mj. After doing several more bong hits, I started to bug out really hard. I thought that I was plugged into an outlet. I became highly paranoid. I Started looking for the device that was causing the physical sensations I felt. After a few minutes, I collected myself and got those paranoid ideas out of my head. I became very tired. I hadnt slept enough the night before. I considered trying to fall asleep, but realized that it would be impossible because of how hard I was tripping. I began having flashbacks to an acid trip that I had about a year and a half ago. I though I was with an old friend from back home. I though about my parents and became scared that I would have to see them later. Soon I realized that I wouldn't have to because they are hundreds of miles away. This thought comforted me. I had some visual hallucinations, mostly the standard stuff: breathing, warping, and patterns in tiles looked like they were flowing. I saw some faces in the carpet. I kept hearing people in other rooms talking. I began to think that I was dreaming. I thought that I was actually in my bed and the voices that I heard from other rooms were people that were awake standing over my bed. I expected to wake up at any second and have a moment like the end of the wizard of oz. Each time I felt like I was going to wake up, though, I would catch myself and become re-oriented in my surroundings. we spent the rest of the evening doing some male bonding. We talked about girls like objects and laughed. Rumors were confirmed and/or denied. I started coming down at about two-thirty.
(I debated about whether this was a level three or level four trip for a while, but decided it was just a very intense level three.)

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