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Insane Adventure !!!

Let me start off by saying shrooms are fuckin' amazing.

Let me start off by saying shrooms are fuckin' amazing. You learn sooo much that the next day you have a totally new outlook on life. I learned that we have very little control on our lives ... Life takes you where it wants to take you. Your personality makes you choose the decisions you choose ... And you cant change your personality. Therefore ... you have no control of your life. Same with love ... love will come to you. There's no point in searching for love. Everything is connected perfectly, and everything happens for a reason. God is EVERYWHERE. God is also inside all of us ... some more then others. Some people let God inside ... some don't. Some believe more then others. God also puts good thoughts into our heads to help us with the decisions we make ... In turn we let Satan, and evil demons into our spirits and give us bad ideas.There are different realms which we cannot see, experience, or understand without the help of shrooms.

Now ... to my trip. I got off at around 9:30 and raced home to pick up my 3 gram sack of home grown shrooms. There was a cap that weighed 1.6 g's, it was HUGE ! ! ! ... Anyways the caps were a vivid gold and had dark blue all on em' .. difenelty the best shrooms that i have ever had. K, so Brian picks me up, and we go over to his house to wait from Jeremy, Ro-Ro-, and Kristen. They get there, and we take em around 10:00 on empty stomachs. As soon as they reached my stomach i could feel the poison spreading and i started to get nauseus and my stomach hurt a lil bit but i din't let it get to me. Ro - Ro threw up as soon as he ate em'. Everyone else took 2 g's. Then, we head for Bellaire park which is really just a loooong pathway that leads to a 6 foot man made waterfall with a couple of benches. On the way there we all started giggling a little bit and i got a hug grin on my face that i couldnt wipe off. The lights started to get brighter, and i could feel my pupils dilating. When we got their and stepped out of the car i could feel my shrooms kicking in hard and fast. I could already tell that it was going to be a great trip. I felt light, like as if i jumped i would float into the air. I felt wobbly and goofy inside. We couldn't find the entrance and i just started laughing cuzz i thought that it dissapeard or the trees grew real fast and covered up the entrance. We soon found out that we just went the wrong way and turned around. All of us were walking really funny. Like as if we were stiff and not able to move freely. It was very dark inside the trees and all i could really see was the puple winding path. The cement path was really wide which made all of my friends look abmnormally short. The sky wasnt flat or black anymore ... it looked like a huge, purple, dome (like the amni theatre). It was A dark purple at the top center, and faded into a light pink at the edges of the horizon. It seemd like it took forever to get to the waterfall, and i wanted to stop and lay down. I din't like walking at all but my friends kept assuring me that we would be there soon. On the way, I noticed the small hills on a normally flat area of grass. The small hills were going up and down like the small waves in a still pool. When we finnally got to the waterfall we all layed down on a huge man mad rock and stared at the stars. The rock wasnt comfortable at all but we all somehow managed to get extremely comfortable. The sky wasnt just one sky anymore. It looked like it had sections that were different sizes. Like the patches on soccer ball, but different shapes and sizes. The stars moved like a kaliedescope, they were moving, dissapearing, and appearing in unison. This made me smile and feel good. I felt good because i felt like something created it ... and something was showing me that it can change. I never saw soo many shooting stars in my life. It was as if the stars knew that we were shrooming and were fuckin' with us on purpose. They would come closer and closer and then move father and farther. Jeremy couldnt handle it so he left and threw up. Then we all went to go sit at a bench. I couldnt really look at anyone because i could see every lil muscle in everyone faces. I could see alot more emotions then i could see when i was sober. I din't like the fact that the looked different. I aslo couldnt really talk because nuthing i said would make sence. Anything i said was real short and simple, But i was mainly asking questions. I wanted to find out the purpose of everything. Then, i saw 2 people walking down the path. I dint really tell anyone because i dint wanna be heard and i figured they were just walking down the path. Then they got off the path and started walking towards us. I immediatly figured it was the cops and got extremly scared. All i could think of was going to jail and how much trouble i was going to be in. I mean it was a tuesday night and i was supposed to be home by 12:00. All i could think of was NOOOO. It turned out to be James and Brent. Ro - Ro called them and told them to come over. As soon as we found out it was them i felt a huge felling of relief. It was great! BUT ... i din;t really like the vibe that i was getting from them because they weren't at the same state of mind as we were. They also brought beer so i got paranoid of the cops actually coming. I aslo felt as if the poison was getting to my and shutting off some of my systems. I thought that i was going to die but i just thought to myself "everything is gonna be ok". I thought that i need to go home and lay down in bed because if i din't then i would die. So after about 10 minutes of beggin people to take me home brent decides that he would if i paid him. I immediatly said ok not even caring that i dint have money. So we get to house and i walk to the front door ... it was locked ! ! ! and i left my keys at brians house... So i figure the back door is open so i had to jump my fence and check. I get to the back and it was locked... I knew that my window was locked but i wasnt about to try to climb threw my window shrooming and wake up my mom. So i sat down and tried to think of a solution..My dogs come over to me and i could feel that they knew that something was wong with me. They we acting different. They were rubbing their bodies on me and acted like i was in pain. They were also wimpering softly and looked very sad. If Brent wasnt wanting money then he would left and i woulda been fucked. But he was still waiting for me so i go back to jump over the fence. The secong time was very eacy. I just put my two hands on the top and put one leg on the fence and jumped over. It was like i walked over the fence in one fest,smooth, motion. So i go back and tell Brent the situation and i could tell that hes pissed (he wasnt really my friend and dint really know me). I begged him to take me to brians and pick up my keys. He finally said ok but he said that he would only drop me off. I figured that would be ok because i could just call kevin (brians brother) and tell him to take me home. When i got dropped off i called kevin but no one answered. So i stood outside and called brian. As i was calling Brian his mom walked outside with my keys. She told me that kevin was asleep and that he was for the night because he had to work tomorrow. She knew that i wanted a ride from kevin but she just gave me the keys and shut the door. Worst feeling ever. I was about to walk home but figured that i shouldnt because i was walking straight and i knew i would get pulled over if a cop saw me walking around so late fucked up. So i was just gonna wait for brian to get back, but his mom walked out again and asked if i needed a ride. She said that Scott (her husband) could take me. Nuthin' she was sayin' made sence to me so i was just sayin' .. yea .. uh huh ... yep ... WHen i walked inside scott immediatly asks ... "Your not too wasted are you ?" I was like "nahh im good" as i ran into the wall in the hallway... so i head to the back where scotts car is at and i couldnt figure out how to open the sliding door because the curtain was in the way. Scott had to open for me and lead me to his car. He din't ask anything about my being fucked up or what i was doing. He simply just talked to me about how he couldnt wait for it to rain and how he got a new alternator and how well he kept his car. Scott made sence so it was easy to talk to him. When i got home i quietly snuck in and laid down in bed. I just thought about life and a gorgeous dancer named Rachel ... a girl i met at the club... I convined myself that i was going to be with her because that was my destiny. I'm gonna see her at Meltdown so u never know. Actually i know ... we're gonna hook up ... its gonna happen. Anyways, i couldnt fall asleep until 6:00 and i got home at 1:30 ... so i was laying in bed in the dark for a loong time. My room looked reaaaal small and everything blended together. Suddenly my shroom ended and i got up and stretched accepting reality. It felt great. Then i was finally able to go to sleep. I couldnt wake up for school today but its all good ... it was definetly worth it ! ! !

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