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I have only done shrooms twice and ill talk about my most recent trip.

I have only done shrooms twice and ill talk about my most recent trip. I had a pretty bad day the day of the trip because my parents found a bottle of vodka and many beers under my bed, so they chewed me out i was bummed all day. I wanted to smoke some weed real bad that night and my friend said he knew people that had lotsa shrooms. Me agreeing with this goes against all rules. I was depressed, I had done shrooms two days before (some say a tolerance builds after a couple days), and I was unsure of the source. But my first trip was so fucking incredible, i couldn't resist. So i made up a brilliant bullshit story for my parents so i could sleep out i was good to go.
My friend took them 1 hour before me because i had eaten right before and i wanted to go on an empty stomach. We were splitting 5 grams so we both ingested 2.5 dried grams. Since he took his an hour before i watched him start to feel it. About 45 minutes after his ingestion, he began to journey around his backyard. I knew they were straight cuz my friend was feeling good already. I scarfed mine down and prayed for them to be good. I began to doubt them and started getting pissed that they weren't working. About 45 minutes after my ingestion, we invited some girls over cuz my friends parents were gone. They came over really fucking drunk and it was the coolest thing. I was trippin pretty hard at that point, and this katie girl was fucking wasted and an ugly bitch. She tried like hitting on me while she was drunk and when ur on shrooms, you can see right through people. When u get a guy and a girl drunk they totally dig each other but I felt so above this girl. I started to think about why people drink and how alcoholism sucks ass! I told her to shut up and I left the room cuz she was really bumming me out. Me and my friend went downstairs and I heard the girl crying upstairs! I began to laugh hysterically as the shrooms really started to kick in. She called her old boyfriend and was blubbering all over. I told my friend that I was gonna leave and come back cuz I didn’t wanna laugh in her face and make her feel like an idiot (though part of me wanted to point and laugh).
So I went for a car ride with one of my sober friends and put on some music. The road felt so alive and vibrant. The colors of the restaurants and the street lights were bright and beautiful. My friend began to tell me a real long story and as he talked he started to sound like a robot talking through a straw (hard to explain). In the middle of his story I burst out laughing and giggled for so long. This is the best part of shrooms, the giggling. The perma smiles and laughing makes you feel so happy, I was loving it. My sober friend dropped me off again and we had some more people over. The new peeps were stoned on some weed and we all were completely complacent. We sat upstairs and I began to really feel it. My friend David was sitting on a chair with his leg over the side (hard to explain) and it looked to me like he had three legs. I stared at him for a long time and he looked back and said “what?” I just started laughing again and he nodded his head as he knew where I was at. Then the euphoria came in. I began to think about everything. This is nearly impossible to explain but there were moments where everything in the universe made sense. I totally understood everything and I felt like I was the ruler of the world. It was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced.
We then put on some music and zoned out. I am a huge music fan, and let me tell ya, shrooms make music sound incredible. So after feeling the vibe and watching the walls melt to the music, I went to take a piss. Bathrooms are so very fun on shrooms. My friend had some killer wallpaper and designs started to take form on the walls. The walls then got huge and I felt like an ant! I couldn’t stop looking at the wall and it’s twisting designs. It was a blast.
Much more happened but I need to keep this short and sweet, but I can honestly say that shrooms are a very very good time. Bad trips can never happen if u know how to control yourself, so just know that u are taking drugs and expect crazy shit to happen. Then when it does happen, you can just laugh it off and you won’t freak out. Happy shroomin!

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