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Incased in ice

2 g's f shroomz and my incasment in ice with no sence of direction.

2 g's f shroomz and my incasment in ice with no sence of direction.

I decided to take some shroomz once while out with friends.I poped my two and soon got a call saying that my g/f ws sick and I had to go home to see her.

She was sleeping when i got home and the shroomz hadn't kicked in yet so i went into the fridge and ate some oranges.

After I ate my orange I started to fell amazing.Loss of weight and size.I felt like I was a giant in a small house and i HAD to get out of there before i broke the house.I went into the bathroom and looked at my shower.I was a giant ice cube.The glass around the shower looked as though it was frozen in place.I opened the ice gate and took off my cloths.Turned on the water and entered the ice block.

Once inside i flet very traped,and the constant water hitting my body was really making me trip.I tried to get out then i remembered....I'm traped in ice.I looked around looking for away out.I grabed the door but it was too late,I started to peak.I went nuts trying to figure out what to do.The water was going into my eyes and i didn't know what wa was up,down left right.I trid to open them but the water would just hit me in the eyes.

Needless to say I paniced.I finaly pushed the door open,only to get blasted with the cool breeze of the non heated air flowing out of the windows into the bathroom.Iwas freezing.Lieing on the marble floor wondering why i was so cold.

Then the cracks in the marble stone turned into hundreds of milipeds(sp?)They started to crawl all over my arms and chest and back.I tried to get them off but they just kept coming.So i ran back into the shower and tried to wash them off.

I finaly got them to go away but was now litteraly traped in the shower.I couldn't go out of it in fear of being attacked by bugs.So i stayed in the shower and closed the glass door.

Once again i thought to my self,I'm incased in ice.the steam from the shower was lifting to the top of the stall and i was having trouble breathing.So i crouched down to the floor.After awhile the water started to lose its heat.But i didn't care.Then the water got cold,and i thought to myself....the ice is melting.I stood up and indeed...my shower was melting and the cold water from the ice i was traped in was flowing on my skin.The water got colder and colder.Until I could't stand it anymore.I screamed and opened my door again.I will never forget what happened to me next......

The floor was no visible.Water from the shower had gone all over the floor and covered te bathroom in about an inch of water.I steped onto the water and started to walk.All went well until i droped my towel.The towel,as soon as it hit the floor,was ingulfed and swallowed by the water,was this going to happen to me too?Fuck that I'm not stickin around to find out.I jumped up to try and jump the water,but oly sliped and fell onto the floor.I too was now swallowed by the hungry water.

I thought about death,life,what i missed out on and what i had done.I thought about everything while lieing on the cold marble floor.Covered with water,cold,tired and now hungry i was ready for death.

I saw lights and smoke where was i going....I'll never know cause thats all i remember.I will trip again this friday and see if i can remember it all.I'll let you know if i see what heaven looks like....or if it even exists....

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