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In Time

I AM who I am tomorrow, reminiscing on today.

I AM who I am tomorrow, reminiscing on today...Today is a memory in my mind, so vivid like I AM here...but I've already gone...
In such bliss, I miss this moment in time, where she's with me...with her hand in mine...Tears run down my face because I miss her...though I am here now with her, I know I am alone in oblivion...It is a perfect place, where sorrow is joy, and joy is sorrow...In green fields, and blue skies, where the 3 0'clock sun shines...I remember building this place in my mind...a place where I'll be after I've died. It's even more beautiful than I've pictured it...'heaven' comes to mind...here, I govern time...I can be on mountains high, passed the clouds in the sky, be the sun and the moon, and breath in all life...'til I shut my eyes...and realize I've died...overwhelming sorrow inside...no one to catch the tears from my eyes...not even her, whose hand is in mine...I never told her good bye.

North Spore
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