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In the valley

My second experience with mushrooms since a seven year abscence.

My second experience with mushrooms since a seven year abscence. Once again my girlfriend, myself, my best friend and his girlfriend visited our 'favourite' area of woodland. All took dried 'golden teacher'cubensis mushrooms ( I had approx 2g) in the early afternoon. Sat outside the truck and experienced an unsettling and uncomfortable come up, marked by feelings of mild anxiety and unease. Later went out walking in the valley down to a nearby river ford. Thought I saw small fish in the water and then realised they were weeds billowing in the flow of water. Became fascinated by the mosses on the track, their flowering stalks looked like lots of little mushrooms. Me and my girlfriend went back to the wood edge and sat on a hummock under a tree overlooking the valley. Felt overwhelmed by the incredible beauty of the scenery - so beautiful I almost felt sick or like I would fall on the floor it was so intense. Felt euphoric watching fantastic colours everywhere and fascinating geometric patterns morphing from the thin clouds in the sky. Strong body rush sensations sunlight on my skin felt gorgeous. We lost our sense of time and got disorientated, the experience seemed to stretch and last for ages then suddenly over? Feelings of confusion and bewilderment similar to those experienced on trips years ago. Laughing and talking then staring in stoned silence. Had a harsh return to reality when reminded of some of my coming responsibilities and felt strong feelings of anxiety and paranoia for a short time. Later we went and found our friends still by the ford. We sat picking up stones and making shapes with them 'africa', 'south america' 'butterfly' 'bird' etc and laughing. Drank strong beer, smoked weed and came down together. An intense experience leaving me feeling I had 'had my fill' of mushrooms for a while.

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