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Another trip to mushroom land....

So, that was yesterday night.

So, that was yesterday night.... I had my last mushrooms from my casings, and decided I would finish them tonight. I called a friend and ask him if he wanted to trip with me, as I wasn't in a specialy "meditating" mood (I often take my shrooms alone at night and go walking in my neighbourhood all night long thinking about all the secrets of Life....). So he said no prob as he was alone at home, so H(someone that musn't know I take shrooms) took me over there. It was 7pm and I had to come back at 11pm. I ingested about 2.5 g of powder Psylocibe cubensis before leaving. In the car I was dreamy, a bit exicted to meet the shrooms again.
I arrived, and met my friend, gave him his shrooms, and we sat in his garage, wich is a real squat, were everybody stays normally. I was in a trippy mood, so we just talked a bit, he showed me his pot plants, and I gave him some tips about growing and stuff. The mushies were starting to come in, so we rolled another joint and went off to walk around outside. I was definitivly coming into the "mushroom land", and was getting all the mushie feelings again, I was happy to "come back" again... But there was the same negative feeling I often get, a kind of big vertigo, and sometimes some sort of electric shock in the head... Were just walked around, really under shroom, I was doing really funny faces as I had that weird feeling in the mouth and on the face. I wanted to got back home a bit, I was just fighting against the negative feeling, a bit like on a boat wich is moving, some times feeling good and then falling back in the negative, then positive.. I just had that intense mushroom feeling, the one you can describ...
We were walking next to a closed shop, and my friend looked throught the window, and I looked to. It was big, black, and empty. I immediatly had that big electric shock in the head again, and powerfull vertigo. I told my friend we hed to go away from it. I felt overall queasy, I just wanted to got back to his home. So we headed back, and inside his brother with his girlfriend were there. They noticed we were under shrooms (how not too?!) but didn't do any unpleasant remarks. We staid in the kitchen and decided to try and roll another joint, wich is hard under shroom as you always get distracted by your thoughts.. but we managed it, and started to smoke it, my friend was asking himself all of those metaphysic questions, I wasnt in a realmood to do the same, so kept on doing my funny faces, wich made my friend laugh because he was thinking my whole jaw was streching like hell. We kept on moving in the house, I was getting more and more confused, and my ego started to "reduce" itself. There was so major reality distortions.The house was much more pleasant, the visuals were nice, especialy the carpet in the garage. The wall were all curbed and breathing, I felt at home again. always these stranges thoughts and stuff. As I do under any substance, I was like analysing the trip, comparing with the reality. Mushrooms help you with thinking ans stuff, you are opened to the infinite, and your mind escapes and your power of thought is very... powerfull. I mean, you can think of something and your mind can go so far in the reflexion, it's hard to explain. Then we went in his room, wich was nice, because I felt good in it. I was a bit sleepy, and just wanted to lay down. That was one of the major things that maked me queasy. So it was nice to just sit there, smoking joints, looking at evrything move, and thinking thinking thinking... I was going so far in my thoughts, analysing everything. somethimes I was getting scared, as I was confused by everything, trying to find the Truth, but it is so hard, you keep on casting doubt on everything you figure out and stuff. The peak was ending, the visuals were lowering down, my ego was coming back. I was thinking of what I had done before the trip, and realised I felt like I had reborn. The shrooms had cleared my head, opened evrything again, as I was in a bit of a drug-drug-drug period (when I say drugs, its' not shrooms or other entheogen, but like speed and stuff. I was telling myself how much of a mess my head was before I took the shrooms... I was still in the mushroom "space", but the thing were less chaotic. Yes, that how I could describ the peak: chaotic. It wasn't the walls ans stuff that were distortioned, but my mind and perception of reality... it's those GT's I think.. But there I was, in "mushroom world" (hard to explain that feeling too; your just somewhere else) and the boat was less rocking, the sea was calmer, and I enjoyed the trip much more. Still some nice visuals, less breathing, but small patterns and "bumps" here and there.. Again, I got lost in my feelings, I mean, littteraly lost, sometimes I had to concentrate real hard to find the room again, I couldn't really "lift off", I was stuck to the reality a bit. I think that was du to my state of mind.
My friend had went to walk again outside, I stayed in the room as I really didn't want to move. The visuals calmed down, actually I paied less attention to them. My thought were clearer. I then went downstairs to see the brother ans his girlfriend, I had this real feeling I get each time, of coming back from a big voyage. Well, it's the case actually. I was a bit inbetween the 2 world, I could talk to the people, and watch the tv a bit, feeling very "spacy". As I started to come back, I realised how much I was high, as I had smoked quite alot of cannabis, and I didn't feel anything under shrooms. The more I landed, the more I was fucked up. I had that feeling when you are just TOO high, a little bad trip. But with the shroom, I wasn't falling asleep, but I reconised that feeling were normally you ARE falling asleep. I knew H was coming soon, so I wasn't supposed to look too fucked up. My friend was back, and we talked about the trip a bit. I realised that all the reality's contraint were coming back, because during the trip, we were so close emotionnaly, sharing this incredible experience again (I did mushrooms quite often with this friend, when I do them with someone), like the two funny "things" just walking around and exploring, laughting, in the mushroom world, and now we were getting all our barriers back, getting separeted again. I was getting even more and more high ( or I was getting more conscious of it), and I wanted to go to bed.
H came a bit after, so in the car I was trying not to look too fucked up, and I was just appreciating the mushy-spacy vision I had of Reality, combined with the cannabis intense high. I went to bed, but I didn't want to sleep. My body did, but because of the shrooms, I couldn't, so I just started thinking again. At one moment, I got scared a bit of having changed my personality again (alot of changes had accured after the first time I took the shrooms, wich was quite intense, as it was my very first trip on shrooms and psychedelics in fact, and I boosted into a level 3 nearly 4 at 15 years old, total loss of ego, and one hell of a reality distortion, people were litteraly broken into bits. Now I know how to dose my shrooms, because that first time, I though I had taken a bit less than 1g, and it must have been about 3-3.5g ) But today, I just feel good, as always after shrooms, so we will see. Anyway, there always is changes after a shroom trip... So thats my last night last minute come and go mushroom trip.... The trip was much more "in the head" then visual, my thought pattern was quite distortioned during the peak, and after those 2 hours, I was just in the mushroom land, clear, and thinking. I love mushies, they can teach so much, help you explore so much things and thoughts and analyse your life and mind...Now I will patiently wait until my new pots are totally colonised, that the month inbetween trips is over,t hat I have a nice setting, and go back there, with a couple of other friends...
See ya!

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