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I would have to say that I am not an expert on the consumption of mushrooms but I have done it enough to know what I am doing and I can keep myself in check while under the influence.

I would have to say that I am not an expert on the consumption of mushrooms but I have done it enough to know what I am doing and I can keep myself in check while under the influence.
One Saturday night I attended a party where a lot of heavy drinking was going on. At first I had not planned on getting too drunk but then the beer bong and vodka shots got the best of me. I had taken well over 100 ounces of beer through the beer bong and roughly 12 shots of vodka. This beer wasn't your average beer though. It was panther ice. 7.5% alcohol. In other words, it kicks your ass. While at the party one of my friends had ate 3.5 grams of mushrooms and was telling me how fucked up he was. I was so jealous that I decided that once I got home I was going to eat 3.5 grams of mushrooms that I had planned on saving until Halloween. When I got home at a little after 12:00 a.m. I ate them and used A&W Root Beer to wash them down. After about a half an hour I started to feel funny. My friend had just arrived that had eaten mushrooms previously that night. After much pondering we decided to invite some girls over. These girls came over at around 1:25 a.m. They then soon left because they were scared at what I was doing. I didn't think I was doing anything but I kept taking my hand and rubbing their faces and cocking my head and looking at them like they were from out of this world. After they left I tried to walk up to my room but I was completely immobile. I couldn't get my legs to work no matter how hard I tried. I ended up crawling up my stairs into my bedroom. While in their I was amazed at the fact I had broken my cell phone antenna previously that night. My mind acted like it was the single most important thing in the world. Nothing else mattered but my cell phone antenna. I got extremely scared the more I thought about it and I needed someone to talk to. So, I decided to start calling people. Every person I called sayed they couldn't understand a word I was saying and all I was doing was speaking gibberish and mumbuling. After countless efforts to have someone treat me I decided I should smoke a cigarette. So, I grabbed one out of my friends pack and crawled down my steps. I finally got outside a good ten minutes later. Every couple feet I went I would think up a thought and I would not beable to get it out of my mind. Then I would proceed after pointless thinking. Once I managed to get outside I propped myself up in a chair on the patio. I lighted the cigarette and it felt like I wasn't inhaling anything at all. It felt like I was sucking air through a straw. After making my way back upstairs my trip finally started coming down. I was able to use my legs and I then just lay there in my bed looking up at the ceiling. The next three hours after that I couldn't stop thinking. I would start thinking about one person and then that would lead me to thinking about another person and I couldn't stop. I then got into the bathtub at roughly 6 o'clock a.m. I decided to sit and relax and try and get to bed. It did finally get me to bed.
One thing that I hate about eating mushrooms is when I eat them in the night I can never get to sleeping until the next morning. All in all I would have to say this was my worst trip but I don't think it was really a "bad trip."

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