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I had just gotten 1.

I had just gotten 1.5 oz. of red caps the weekend before. Me and three of my friends were planning on tripping hard. I had tripped many-a-times before but i never got the intense visuals that I wanted. I sold most of the shrooms and saved about a quarter ounce for myself.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The night started off at my buddie vinnies house because his family was away so we took a little there and had some o.j. for the vitamin C. The plan was to walk around in faneual hall in boston all night. I took about and eight to start off and I started to feel it on the train ride to boston. I had a body high as usual and I had slight visuals. The floor of the train was red and grainy looking. It looked like a flowing river, it was awesome.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The thing about faneual hall is that there are lights, people, and music everywhere, and there is this one spot that it on like a two story roof that looks over a major street and a big part of faneual hall and it's pretty close so you can see everything.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>we got there and there was a big gospel concert going on close by so there was a shit load of people. The time spent at faneual hall was great. It was such a good time tripping. Finally we decide to leave about two hours and two grams later.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>still tripping well we made it home. i ate the rest of my bag after getting off the train. by the time i made it to the place we were going to chill for a while my shirt was off and i kept muttering "im fucking unstoppable". vinnie and my other buddy joe.f went to vinnies house to watch summerslam. i was going to chill for a while with my buddy joe.g then go and watch it at vinnies house.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>joe.g was incredibly quiet but with an incredible smile on his face. I started asking him yes no questions and he would answer in only yup or nope for some reason i found it relaxing so we went for a walk just conversating. we decided to walk around a big park near our houses. by the time we reached the side of the park he lived near he decided to go home...
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HERE WE GO NOW> as soon as he left i changed direction and headed for vinnies house-it was now about midnight-so im walking through this big field consisting of 3 baseball fields 2 b-ball courts and a teen center.The whole park is surrounded by houses and as im walking through the wet grass I see a little frog hopping by me(no frogs are in my neighborhood)i look down at it, shrug my shoulders and look up. The sky looks absolutely incredible. then i look around me to see all the houses surrounding the park are melting. I stand and watch for a while. then continue to vinnies house.
>>>>>>>>>>>>.I reach the house. My visuals are all fucked up things that are close to me are far away from me. im seeing mirror images. it was almost imposible to get through the gate and to the door. I ring the doorbell, then look back at the door which looks to be about ten feet away....vinnie finally comes to the door and lets me in. I am blown away by the inside of the house. I had to walk up a spiral staircase to get to his apartment. i stumbled up the stairs because what i saw infront of me kept on changing on me.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>I got in and sat my ass down. I tell vinnie that he must go to the park and see whats out there. he says later. I couldnt watch tv because the tv was waving and the colors on the picture of the tv were so fucked up i couldnt watch it. so i just talked.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>it started getting intense i thought it would be best if i just went home incase it got so bad i couldnt go home alone.
-im walking home(its not far, just up the street 5 blocks)as i walk all the cars parked on the street look mangled and all f'd up. and when headlights pass by on the street they blind me and have to stop.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.I get home and in my room i stay.-enter the bad trip-after staring at my f'd up looking room get the idea that may have taken to much and really poisend my self. I am white as a ghost, sweating like a pig, and my pupils are the size of my eye. I have a constant argument in my head weather or not im dying-constatantly checking my pulse and my breathing-i am constantly drinking water. as i lay in my bed i keep checking if my eyes are open or not because they felt like they were closed and i was imagining my room infront of me. then when i really closed my eyes i saw a costantly growing design that started as one thing and just grew bigger and bigger.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>deftones came on the radio-the acoustic version of "change in you" that song for some reason scared the hell out of me.so i put on some 311, buried my face in my hands, and tried to calm myself down. The trip started dying down and i enjoyed it for a littl bit then fell a sleep-still tripping-i always thought that was unheard of-but i did.
i woke up the next morning still a little dialated and felling drained as hell.
i had an amazing trip i saw, felt, and experienced so much. it lasted about six hours maybe more. although it ended scary the time i had before was f'n great. my friends had a great time to. it was great.

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