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On the 16 of April 2000 I went over to my friend Alan.

On the 16 of April 2000 I went over to my friend Alan.He had
done mushies a lot and I had never done them but had always wanted to.It had been drizzly weather so we went out for a pick id never picked mushrooms before but it didn't take long to get the hang of it.
We came back to the caravan with about 180g of fat mushrooms, cleaned off the shit and boiled them in water with honey.Before long we had a big brew of very dark liquid, we were planning this to do us a few trips.We both sculled down three mugs each we kept our eye on the clock and within 30 minutes alan said he was starting to trip.I thought he was full of shit cause i didnt feel nothing.an hour later I still didnt feel high so i had another two mugs.
Than it started to set in I was on top of the world.the vinyl was swirling and the caravan felt like it was a boat rocking on water. by this time we both had tremendous energy boosts we took our motobikes for a strap that was a trip in itself.When igot back to the caravan i thought im gonna get absolutely trashed'big mistake' I grabbed one of the dolmio jars full of the juice and sculled it down .
Within 15 minutes i was not a normal little boy and i was looking at the jar and knowing how much id had and how abnormal i was feeling started to think this stuff was gonna kill me i went outside and made myself chuck not much came up but it was down in there and i could feel it eating my brain.I stARTEDflipping and screaming repeating im gonna die alan this shits going to kill me.he told me it was just the mushies but that did not reassure me one bit.The trip didn't finish for a week and ive felt a bit braindamaged eversince.Flashbacks are still common but are becoming not as recent I hate mushies they turn your brain to mush ,even when the trip is over.
I am living for JESUS CHRIST now and hes the best trip ive ever had .
Thanx for reading my story there is a lot more i could of told you but theres not enough typing space

From Joe in Queensland , Australia

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