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im going crazy

I've shroomed plenty of times but this one was intense.

I've shroomed plenty of times but this one was intense. I had a bunch of friends over when my dad was gone and we've been smoking pot and then my friend gave me the rest of his shroomes they were cubensis. They weighed 2.4. I ate them and about 30 mins later at about 10:45 i was feeling it. It started with slight movements in wood and then shapes and designs. a couple hours later at about 2:00 a.m. more people are showing up to my house drunk and it's gettin crazzy inside and im just staring at the ground in my room spacin out and all of a sudden faces just start forming in the carpet that looked like they were melting and i was kind of getting scared so i walked quickly next door whwere some of my other friends were and i told them i was seeing faces. That's when it started getting worse. Everywhere i looked after that faces were molding together in my friends faces pictures magezines carpet walls and even in my eyes. I tried relaxing to change this bad trip that was becomming a living nightmare. I thought these were laced with LSD so i thought i was going to be like this forever and see shit. No matter what i still couldn't calm myself down. I felt as if i was controlling this trip with my mind but then reality and dimensions were shifting and people were turning into other things that was like the laws of physics were being shifted around. I then tried going asleep but i coudln't really focus on what i was doing. i wanted to be down and normal. But i remember i kept asking my friend who was passed out in my bed weird questions about acid and faces until i would fall asleep and hopefully be sane in the morning.

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