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im afraid guys!

ok then i just want to sai im from montreal and il gonna trying to explane my trip.

ok then i just want to sai im from montreal and il gonna trying to explane my trip..

one of my friend do many mushroom trip in her life an he did only one badtrip.
and before my first time...i was afraid...afraid to never comback..and a was just sitting on the table whit my friend..in the apartement of jp an other friends.and im just siting..and im affraid, i have de sandwich with many shooms inside..like 1.5 gram but this shroom was very powerful..like you take 1 grams and its the same if you eat 3.5 g. well....im just sitting behind my frien an he look at me and he talks to me..he said(dont be afraid dude..you gonna see..its very cool and im can stay whit you all the night if you want,and if your afraid,im gonna talk to you and try to help you)i said ok cool. i eat it.and like 45min later that was beautiful!the color was so beaty than the normal life.my friend ask me if i want to go to the convenience store.and i said alrigth dude.im getting inside and i choose a box of candy..the cAndy named ''runts'' and i look it in a few moments and i saw the litle candy on the drawing of the box.he was runings everywhere ''that was realy like a psp(play station portable)on the top..i cant tell all the trip..that was too long..but im afraid to do it again...im vry afraid..but can you help me??just send me a mail or anythings that can help me '' jc_1990__@hotmail.com '' thank you very much dude's


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