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About 6 months ago I tried shrooms for the first time.

About 6 months ago I tried shrooms for the first time. I went out with my brother who supplied me with mushrooms. He was trying to convince me that I was eating chocolate, so that I wouldn't pay attention to the taste. I should probably say that we had just smoked up prior to that.
Anyway, we went inside this one club, and since I love dancing I started doing so, to what seemed to be an amazing house music. Gradually the lights became dimmer, and all I saw where dark shadows of people around me, as well the bright white dots everywhere. I thought that I was flying through the outer space, through different galaxies. I couldn't see people anymore, I just saw the thousands and thousands of white stars all around me. It was an amazing trip.
Then, I started thinking about music, and I totally understood it. At that moment I felt like I could be the best DJ in the world. I'll try and explain how I comprehended music at that moment. I imagined that there were number of DJs all around the world producing one certain sound; and they all worked together in some kind of an agreement, and the music that I was hearing was the final product of all those sounds combined. I imagined that someone else on the other part of the globe was listening to that same kind of music, which was, in my mind, actually transmited through air-waves globally. The dancing part was actually a ritual for the gods of the long lost island of Atlantis (at that time, I was reading the book named Atlantis).
My brother approached me and yelled "Mushroom patrol" to my face. All of a sudden, I could hear the echoing footsteps of the lined up soldiers who were shaped like mushrooms. What followed next was the air siren signaling the danger and the arrival of mushroom patrol. At first I felt powerful, being a part of that army, but then I got extremely sad, because I realized that's how wars start, and I didn't want to be a part of such distructive force. I started gasping for air, and almost started to cry. Luckily, my brother suggested that we go downstairs to another room and chill out a bit.
I sat down in one of the armchairs. The music was different downstairs, but still very good. A guy sitting next to me pulled out a deck of cards and started showing me tricks. Somehow, I knew exactly how he performed the tricks, I knew the secrets, even though I've never seen the tricks before.

I felt so relaxed and so good. I saw everything in slow motion. I realized that every movement, even lighting of a cigarette, is a work of art. I stood up and started dancing again. And this time, I lost myself completely. When I closed my eyes I saw the neverending fields of flowers gently waving in the breeze. When I opened my eyes, I saw everything as a huge puzzle. I could actually see the little pieces of puzzle that together created the world around me. I looked at my hand, and it was moving like a snake. The room started moving around, shifting. Everything was changing. I forgot where I was, I forgot about everyone else, and I totally surrendered to the moment. I was lost. I started looking around, but people were only dark shadows, the room was never the same, the furniture moved, the shape of the room was changing. I started laughing. I saw my brother walk pass by me and say my name. I turned around, and realized that he was at the far end of the room, that I was only tripping.
And then, I saw this girl who is actually a video game character. She started dancing with me. She and I were ninja-girls, spreading flowers all around.
Then, I started seeing people's faces, but they started changing. I saw every person that each of them had been through life: a child, a teenager, boyfriend, sister...
I looked through so many different eyes. Actually I wasn't even sure if my eyes were closed or open. I learned so much about the world, about myself, about how I should always be concentrated on the moment I'm in, as opposed to daydreaming.
My brother came up to me, and started walking around in circles around me and chanting the spell from the movie "Excalibur" (the spell enables one to change appearance by summing the dragon's breath). I started tripping that I became my best friend, who actually is a guy (I'm a girl, by the way). I felt myself grow a feet (that's how taller my friend is than I am) and dance the way he does. That made me laugh. I started playing with that ability to change my personality...
I just can't begin to describe everything I learned that night, there are too few words for that. Appart from actually losing weight in those 5-6 hours, I felt changed and wiser. That mushroom-experience provided me with greater understanding of the world, which is what I strive for in life: to understand myself and people in general.

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