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Ignorance is Bliss

So, a friend of ours informed us of the wonder of shrooms (although he'd only eaten two liberty caps!

So, a friend of ours informed us of the wonder of shrooms (although he'd only eaten two liberty caps!). So we spent a couple of weeks researching effects, dosage, etc... and found out they sold them in a shop in town.

We headed on down one college lunch time and planned to eat them there and then! After being convinced that this wasn't a good idea and could lead to expulsion, we left with 60g of Columbian mushrooms (Psycilocybe Cubensis), eager to try them out as soon as possible.

Not knowing what to expect we decided to consume them in one of our bedrooms later that night while the anti-drug parents were downstairs! We assumed that once we had eaten them the hallucinations would be obvoius and simple, our minds intact and in control. And that at any time we could snap ourselves out of it, should an unsuspecting parent decide to communicate.

Munch, Munch , Munch..... I was almost sick with the vile tatse while my other two friends happily ate them.

We sat and waited impatiently for the effects to kick in and the fun to start, however after 10 minutes we were still doubtful and extremely pessimistic, after all we'd only eaten a natural product of nature. After about half an hour, we all began to notice similar effects, tingling sensations in our legs and heavy arms. Still not convinced whether these were genuine effects or not, we went through a period of uncertainty where every unusual moment could be blamed on the mushrooms.

Bamm! Twenty gramms of shroom each surging through our veins. Without noticing, the trip had suddenly crept up on us and we were all experiencing our own individual embelishments. Everyone tried, struggled and failed to explain their own feelings, experiences and hallucinations:

>>>>>Electric shocks
>>>>>>Breathing difficulties
>>>>>>>>>>Chimpanzee feet
>>>>>>>>Faces on faces
>>>>>>>Melting noses
>>>>>>>>>Glowing bedspreads

The room that I had lived in for nearly 18 years was suddenly changing. It was much, much longer, like a corridoor. The window was miles away in the distance, covered by flowing river, radiating curtains.

We suddenly became aware of the overwhelming paranoia that my parents were outside, and could hear everything we were doing. This combined with the intolerablly crazy music led to the decision to leave the house and go to the local Co-op. Incidently my place of work!! We opened the bedroom door:

>>>>>>>> Chambers
>>>>>>> New World
>>>>> Coridoors
>>>>>>>> Stairs

We continued down the stairs only to be greated by PARENT!! ALERT!!! The attempt to act normally provoked a fit of giggles, furthermore alerting them to the possibility of drug abuse.

We left the house and the road was like a conveyer belt, we were not walking forward, the world was revolving under our feet. We arrived at the Co-op shop and headed to the Deli counter. With the intent to talk to a colleague. Glancing around the beer bottles were dancing and were all colourful like fireworks. We looked towards the kiosk only to "see" them calling the police, even though there is no phone there! We promptly left and struggle back to the safe house.

We entered.... PARENT!!!.... "God it's cold out isn't it" we muttered and quickly giggled our way upstairs. It was time to leave for two of us and we had forgoten that we had to get home... on bikes!! By this stage the shrooms were very potent and the prospect of cycling home seemed a daunting one. The host, awash with confusion, made it clear that we had to go, our eyes as big and black as the night.

Person 1 - I got my bike from the garage and headed off down the road, stopping after 30 seconds. convinced i had the wrong bike. After shrugging this off I headed on down the road, my left hand was someone elses and I was not in control of it.

>>>>> Swirls
>>>>>>>> Snake like road
>>>>> HOME!

I tried to act normal but the game was up imeddiately "What have you taken?" my mum remarked. I could have blamed alcohol but was not in my right sense of mind. I confessed and went upstairs. My room was not my own and the hallucinations were abundant. I finally went to sleep after "hearing" my mum phone the police! and woke up the next day with a glowing sensation of pride.

Person 2 (host)- After sending the guys home i had to come to terms with the prospect of a shroomed evening with my parents. After attempting to do all the normal things I might do on a monday night i realised that virtually nothing was possible, especially not homework. I couldn't concentrate on anything and after managing to avoid my parents for about an hour I decided it was time for bed. Trying to get to sleep was impossible, i couldn't stop moving, the music I tried to listen was blury and disturbing and I just wanted everything to be in my control again. I finally got to sleep na dwoke up expecting some sort of shroom hangover. After realising that I was completely back to normal, I relaxed and walked into college with a new outlook on life.

Person 3 - the road home was fraught with danger, as i cycled past each bush men ran out from either side until there was a large army of men behind me.



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