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Another Nature Trip

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Me and my friends always drop acid and go out into the mountians and have nature trips but this was the first time on mushrooms...
Well we took them on our way up to the mountain (allready coming down from an acid trip) with BLANKETS wraped around us carying BAMBOO STICKS playing warrior something in daylight walking up the street. I took my shrooms about 1/2 way up there(about 1/2 an eigth) and when they started to kick in we were at the mountain.
We triped and laughed all the way up the mountain till we got to the top when the sun was setting!!!!
BECAUSE OF THIS MOMENT I AM NOW A HIPPIE!!! I swear to god i was one with nature...like nature understood me and i understood nature and we were the best of friends. We sat and watched the sun set and i sat there blabering about crazy nature shit and what not (my friend not even paying atention with a big grin on his face)..but i didnt care the least bit...i kept on about what i was thinking....IT HAD TO BE HEARD!!!! I DONT CARE IF MY FRIEND WAS HEARING IT OR JUST MOTHER NATURE...IT HAD TO BE SAID.
So after that we started back home tripping and laughing all the way there playing warrior what not...and like 5 houses down from my friends house there was some chineese guy in his window watering his plants and we were laughing so hard trying to realize what he was thinking so we decided to go into his drive way and pretend we were wizards and try to scare him with our laughter...it was the greatest..
So we got my friends house and just about for the rest of the night we sat there and listened to pink floyd's dark side of the moon over and over and over again while watching his mac computer (its got some crazy shit that plays along with the music..psycadelic colors changing and what not) kinda makes you fell like your flying!!!!
and that was our night.

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