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I'm the Man of the TOWN!!!

Well, this happened almost a year ago, a rule i instilled upon myself, which is to only do these crazy things once a year if at all.

Well, this happened almost a year ago, a rule i instilled upon myself, which is to only do these crazy things once a year if at all. It was the summer, i wasnt working and during this time i was with a group of my friends nearly every night, drinking or hanging out. the weekends were always the craziest but this day, when i showed up we werent going to be drinking. i pulled up and went inside the apartment and there they were, little bags full of mushrooms, which i had never seen before. i said "nah, ill just drink" but they insisted and im the kinda person who has the Fuck it attitude and thats exactly what i said. i dont remember how much i ate, but i do remember eating the "shake". well, not knowing how long it would take for them to do thier thing, and not knowing what the fuck they were going to do, i got pissed and started drinking beer. "Youre not going to need that" was all i heard all night. There were four of us who took them that night. my other two friends ran around town while i chilled with my one friend who got sick. after about 30 minutes, i went into the bathroom and when i came out it just hit me. everything was insane! they had this indian rug over their window and it was swirling around and i stared at that for about 5 minutes. then i went into the living room, and damn. they had a dog and somehow the dog's food spilled on the floor. the damn shit was running around all over not just swirling, but actually moving and i swore they were cockroaches, this i tripped on the entire night, running back to them about every 2-3 minutes screaming "That shit is alive!" After looking at everything and laughing non stop, i went outside with the other two friends to look at the stars and everything else. we were laying on the ground and i have this profound feeling, ever since then, that the earth cradled me. the ground felt comforting, i felt like i was a baby in my mother's arms. there was this house across the road that to me looked like a storybook that i could walk into. outside was strange, because i had this cd player in my truck, and everything was made up of the numbers on the screen. it was incredibly amazing. i was also running to the bathroom quite a bit, looking at myself to make sure i wasnt melting as everything else was. thats when it happened. my friends had a gilligan hat, and i always wore it when i was drunk. so i put that on and found a golf club of my friends and yelled at the mirror "im the man of the town!" after that, i was the man of the town the rest of the night. going around saying "im the man of the town, dont have time to be fooling around". after a while my trip was coming down and another fellow had come along and had the shrooms after all of us had. he went crazy and that was fun just watching him and every once in a while it would be all crazy again for me. somehow i drove home, i dont remember that drive at all, but when i got back home i couldnt sleep because i felt that there were things looking at me in the dark all night. well, thats my story. nearly a year after it happened, and i didnt have a bad trip. i read these things and honestly wonder why people have bad trips. i think i was in the right place, with the right friends, and i didnt know what the fuck was going to happen. ill probably do them again during the summer, but thats a big maybe.

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