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I was in a Hellish demension

The night started out at about 10:00.

The night started out at about 10:00. I took two Ambien while my friends smoked pot. I just didn't feel like smoking. We went to this party where there were shrooms. I had been looking for them for a few weeks now so I bought some. I only bought an eighth for my friend and I to split. This was my first time so I thought I would take it easy. We made some citrus drinks to wash them down because someone said it intensifies it a little bit. This was at about 11:15PM

I expected to have some thinking time and maybe see some colors. I had no idea how extreme it was going to be.

We left the party at about 12:00AM right when I started to trip. I brought a sketch book with me so i could write some things down about my trip. While we were in the car It looked and felt more like a space ship, not to mention it seemed like we were going SO fast.

Another friend of mine that wasn't shrooming was along for the ride, and whenever I looked at him his face looked SO goofy, like it was changing. When I wrote things down it looked like ink was spilling in and out of my pen all over my paper.It was raining and rather shitty outside but it seemed like I was riding through hell in a space ship. When I closed my eyes I saw a huge mass of checkered shapes that has numbers and symbols in them. When I looked at my goofy friend, every time I would blink, I would see his head open up into a green checkered thing with checkered snakes coming out of it.

At about 1AM I had my friends drop me off at a Target parking lot so I could walk around. My tripping friend tagged along. Everything looked SO weird. The trees were growing and then shrinking. The ground had black tentacle looking things coming out of it in the distance. I walked towards a Wendy's and watched the whole building bleed black. Everything was really cool until we crossed the highway.

We were just walking around when I noticed it was hard to walk and I really felt like throwing up. Not to mention it was really cold and I was soaked. I called my friends to tell them to get me then I sat against a wall on the wet pavement and felt like I was in Hell. I honestly thought I was going to die. It didn't seem like too long before my friends were there. I asked for something to drink
and they gave me some coke. This just made me feel so much better. After we found my tripping friend, he claimed he wasn't ready to be picked up but we made him get in.

After this we went to his house where I ate some bread. I was feeling a lot better now even though my stomach was still not too good.

Later on I was talking to my friend and he said he hadn't been hallucinating at all. He made up some stuff about seeing native people but thats not what I saw. I saw all sorts of colorful shapes, mostly checkered everything.

I couldnt get to sleep until around 7 AM

It was mostly visual for me with some sound distortion and a lot of forgetting about my surroundings. I cant wait to do it during a nice summer day.

It would be cool if someone responded and told me if it is normal to see so much
on half an eighth, because all the stories I have heard with higher dosages only talk about a little bit of colors and warping.

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