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i think i took to much

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the first time i took shrooms was on valientines day im 16 and i wiegh 120 and im about 5'6 and i took a whole 8th and i smoked about 4 bowls it was hella fun at first me and friend who was not shrooming were walking around life was good but then i ended up in the back yard of my house climbing the side of the house my step dad yelled thinking it was someone trying to get into or house so me and my friend ran back to his trailer we were laughing so hard so were sitting on the floor in his room drinking soda and eating chips it tasted so good i began to start hearing things like people were out side of his trailer so we turned of the lights and turned on a movie at this time it really started to hit me i was trying to watch the movie but it was going to fast like it was being fast fwrd so i was triping out the out side rim of the tv came up to my face the picture stayed back i started geting scared bc i couldnt think there was talking in my head the movie was over in about 10 min it felt like so i was sitting there looking at the static in the tv and the room turned black and the cieling began to droop down at this same time there was music from like a scaring movie in my head but it was loud and clear and across the room a shodow of a astronot floated in the air across the room i thought i died i began to panic i pictured my self on my death bed in a hospital so i got up and tried to sober up by washing my face but i just couldnt snap out of it at this time i tried clearing my head but i could now there was screaming inside my head it was so loud i was rolling back and forth on the floor mummbleing nothing i just wanted someone to be with me but my friend just went to sleep so i was tripping this whole time by myself in the dark and i was so parinoid that if i could never snap out of it and i seriously was insane i didnt even know what was going on i could sleep it was horrible i started throwing up it was the worst i dont remmeber falling asleep i just remember saying in my head i hope i dont feel this way forever and i was so depressed i cant really explain how i felt but it was the worst

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