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i saw hell

So, one night my girlfriend and I decided to stay home and do some shrooms we had about a 1/4 of an ounce between the two of us which we took with peanut butter (bad idea, but it was all we had).

So, one night my girlfriend and I decided to stay home and do some shrooms we had about a 1/4 of an ounce between the two of us which we took with peanut butter (bad idea, but it was all we had). By the way, neither of us are strangers to the world (or non-world, depending on your perspective) of doing psychedelics, although still haven't done acid yet. Anyways, we are just hanging out in our living room waiting for them to kick in. We are listening to a Buckethead cd and just trying to set the mood, but my girlfriend couldn't handle it ( she doesn't like tripping at home, at night, i had to treat the situation delicately), so i asked her to put something on and she threw in some Primus and we started to peak at about the middle of the album. shit was just twisted, it was a good time. then my girlfriend kinda started slipping out ( my word for going to the bad trip side of things), and i was trying to get her back on track and i didn't think it was working until she thought she should take a shower to maybe make her feel better. a few minutes later im in the other room and i hear her shouting, " oh my god!" so i run in there thinking something is wrong and just as i walk in she just starts laughing her ass off and says," the fucking water is purple!" we have a good laugh, and end up our bedroom, i'm pacing back and forth ranting about how we should topple the government and leave the diseased and drunk behind on earth and create a new species with aliens, or something like that. then we flip the light on and start smoking some weed, this is when things get interesting. i just want to say though, however, tripping when our cat was around was strange because he would act really paranoid and edgy when we were going up, but when we come down he would come hang out with us and be chill, it was nuts. anyways, he's sitting on the foot of our bed by our feet and i accidently blow my hit in his face, which he did not like at all. my girlfriend gave me some crap and said not to do it again. so when i took another hit i blew it away from him....right into the fucking smoke detector, it goes off ( bear in mind it's like 3:30 in the morning), and everything changed....i started getting paranoid that the landlords were going to come down and bug us, my girlfriend went right to sleep, but i started having delusions about space and time and matter...all the while being paranoid about the landlords...i got to a state where i was truly disturbed... i kept looking at my girlfriend who was sleeping thinking how at peace she must be, and i was tormented thinking of horrid thoughts of death and hell, and i truly thought that i was dead and that this was my hell to see my girlfriend so peaceful and me so not, there was also the theory of maybe when we die those who go up are well fundamentally christian, and those who go down are tortured by their vices, their past lives, and so on. i was living this on my trip ( i was having a bad trip for all you retards out there), i was twitching and just experiencing all sorts of passing madness that really would go just as fast as it had come, but a new bad thought would come right behind it....i eventually fell asleep and woke up the next day with a headache and that was about the end of that.

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