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i nearly came....

i've taken shrooms 3 times, each time ive consumed about 2-2.

i've taken shrooms 3 times, each time ive consumed about 2-2.5g dried. the first two times(cubies)
i felt normal but saw lot of faces in walls (evil faces its anoying more than scary) and flowing in wood. the last time i tried a F+ strain from my kit.
it started normal my legs go first then i get tierd i sat in my garden with my girlfriend and a few mates also under the infulence and my friend good old henry to look after us all. soon everything around me was in so much detail i couldn't look away eventually we went up to a field near me were i felt like i was a part of the wind that was blowing. then my friend whos it was his first time started freaking out bad colapsing and shit so we went home. when we got in he colapsed again and lay on the floor for like 20 mins so we just left him we put on some cream and hendrix (a must have in anyones collection)and he came in and told us to turn it off cause it was scaring him so i went outside suddenly everything around me felt so good touching looking and breathing made me want to orgasm i could'nt breath normally it felt to good my freaked out friend ended up in my room making a nest out of my bed so we all went up to look he was listening to muse the music seemed to engulf everyone my whole bedroom was swirling it was the greatest feeling of my life and i don't know why when we came out i colapsed on the ground and i almost orgasmed it felt so good i then kissed my girlfriend i couldn't breath it felt amazing the trip kind of finished then i think i got too tierd. i'm hoping to do a stronger trip i'm just scared of a bad one i'll probily do it on my birthday. p.s. has anyone tried acid on this site? whats the difference between level 5 and acid, just curious

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