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I love Shrooms

I think that I always wanted to trip since I was 6 or 7 years old, though I never came around to it until recently.

I think that I always wanted to trip since I was 6 or 7 years old, though I never came around to it until recently..
So one day, at the ago of 17, I bought about twenty sack of them and planned to trip the next day.
So the next day, after talking over the subject with some people and considering all that I had read on the subject, I ate a little over half of what I had at my house alone at about 8 pm. So I sat around and noticed that the music that I was listening to (as I was changing the sheets on my bed) was urging me to sort of dance to it. Then I sat outside for a hile and started experience some happy sort of confusion and some friends of mine came over. I decided that I was to share the gift of shrooms with my friends girlfriend and gave her the rest as I took a shower. So as I took my shower I started to have visuals, my towel transformed into a giant moving paisley. I also noticed thata my thoughts were streaming from place to place and that cerain sounds were greatly over amplified and distorted.
So anyways, soon I was waiting outside for a friend noticing the beauty and patterns of the surrounding trees and streams of color when I closed my eyes. Soon we got picked up, and the girl who had just eaten the shrooms and I went seperate ways. So I rode through the city and my ego completely slipped away. I noticed a huge phoniness to all of the man made creations around me and the way that people behaved.
Soon I met back up with the girl who ate the rest of my shrooms, she was in a parking lot crying tears of joy when she saw me, she thought I died. She had no idea what shrooms would be like, i dont even think she new what they were when she took them. So through the remainder of the night she went from crying to laughing for long amounts of time, while I was quiet and content.
The next time I shroomed I took about a half quarter. So it was a great experience, perhaps the greatest of my life as I sat staring at a huge quarry hidden from the rest of the world. I also went to very public places like a mall and a huge grocery store, and my ideas on the phoniness of man's creations were reinforced.
I tried a few low dosage trips, but was pretty dissatisfied with them. i felt a slight feeling of contentness, but that is as far as it goes.
I also shroomed a few days ago and had a very strong visual experience with kaleidoscopic closed eye visuals, noticing intricate moving patterns in about evey thing I saw from carpets, to hubcaps, to faces,and I had a beyond the ego experience. I also noticed 12 hours after I ingested them that I still was noticing glowing red dots on everything I saw and wavy lines as I stood in a dark room. Once my trip was over, I was searched by a cop at a party that got busted and I had weed on my possession that the cop didnt find. Yet, I was not scared at all, I guess I was emotionally exhausted already.

One point of note: I have tripped on acid a few times and know about the problems of flashbacks. But all this week, whenever I have seen someone wearing a necktie with a "trippy" design on it, I have to look away because the designs always appear to be moving. Could this be a result of shrooming?

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