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and now for my second time

I stuck 2 grams inside of a cheeseburger to hide the taste and texture and ate that quickly.

I stuck 2 grams inside of a cheeseburger to hide the taste and texture and ate that quickly. My two friends had already eaten their 2 grams 30 minutes earlier. One was feeling it a lot, the other guy was not sure. We had all tripped before so we knew what to expect. I probably started feeling the shrooms about 20 minutes after eating them. I first noticed them kicking in when I started staring at this weird moving clock thing. My friend who had now been tripping for probably an hour kept rambling on about the clock being a lazer of some sort and I didn't pay much attention. We decided to go smoke a bowl in this closet. It was a rather large closet. After that we went outside and I was definitely feeling the shrooms now. The apartment buildings and trees looked like a painting. We went back in the closet and brought in a stereo and some weird lights. We listened to Chemical Brothers and at first was quite intense and then became background noise. We smoked more and the guy who had the big batch of shrooms decided to give us some more as a gift. He also gave some to a friend who had not eaten any yet. We hung out in the closet for what must have been an hour and continued to eat shrooms throughout the night, but small portions at a time. I ingested no more then 3 grams that night. We decided to go on a walk. It was interesting but not as adventerous as the first time I had ever tripped. We went to the pool area and through a bottle into the pool and watched it float around for a while. It was a mountain dew bottle and with it sitting on top of the brightly lit pool, it appeared to be glowing. We walked around some more and soon decided to return to the apartment. We went on the deck with a candle and got the urge to pour the hot wax on our skin. It was an amazing feeling when you're tripping. It didn't hurt at all, and felt very sensational when pulling the wax off. It was crazy. We returned to the closet and listened to Modest Mouse - The Moon and Antartica. The other 3 friends got up to smoke a cigarette after a while, and me being a non smoker, I stayed in the closet by myself. I knocked over a cup of water while sitting in the closet and I reached down to feel where I had spilled and the water soaking into the carpet felt amazing. I just touched the wet carpet for several minutes and soon started to imagine myself as a giant touching a wet sandy beach. Friends returned, we played with lights and probably ate some more shrooms or smoked a bowl. They soon had to take one of the friends home and invited me. I decided to stay in the closet. I sat their staring at this weird moving light and listening to really loud Modest Mouse for quite a while. Soon some friends who were not tripping came in the closet and checked up on me to make sure I was alright. Later on as the shrooms wore off, we went to the gas station as we had gotten really hungry. The gas station experience was weird. The cashier kind of freaked me out but I was okay. We returned to the apartment, sat around until I felt okay to drive home, and I left. I noticed that during the later portion of the trip and coming down I was having a weird sort of neck pain/ache kind of thing. I remember it became really annoying and I just wanted to go to sleep. The next day I felt hungrier then I ever feel, I wonder if that was caused by the shrooms.

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