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I KNOW ME do u??

I am tripping right now.

I am tripping right now. This is the most amazing thing I've ever experience... I had some gold capped shrooms and omg this is amazing It's so indescribable.. its lkike being fucked only not the sdame. Some things breath a bit but not a lot you FEEEEEL things more its al about feeling we dont exist ntone of this exist I have to go now bye you see its telling me i have to go but i dont know what it is but it controlllls me somehow but now i can talk for a buit longer it says how can i explain all i want to do is talk and atalk but it says i cant i love everything that is nature now its sooo different how i know this i just know all this stuff now plz understand im tripping i love i love il ove bye bye by eby eby i HAVE to g oooooooo im goingoingoing to melt bye

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