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i know everything

Well, where do I begin?

Well, where do I begin?

I was a junior in highschool and there was only about 2 months left of school. It was a Saturday, typically there would be a party because its San Jose. I called up some of my friends only to find out they were going to a rave. Well I didn't have a ticket so I wasn't going to no rave.

About 30 minutes later my friend Gonzo paged me saying that there was a party at our friend James' house, only it was a college party that his sister was throwing. I guess it was all good though.

So about 30 minutes after that, me, Gonzo, and my friend Abid all met James by a McDonalds by his house because he lived in the cuts in a rich ass neighborhood. We drove up there and it was poppin.It ended up only being four of us from highschool and the rest were from college.

The college guys bought us some drank and I had a forty and me and my friends were already pretty drunk. Then this fool came through saying, "Yo, I got weed, coc, and mushrooms if any yall want some." Exclaiming to us four highschoolers.

Me and my friend Gonzo had always wanted to try shrooms. We had been talking bout eating some for a long time and now was our time. We decided to buy two eighths and take one eighth each. I asked him, "Where these from?" and he replied saying they were from Hombolt. That they were some tight ass mushrooms.

Gonzo and I ate em down, chasing em with oj. They tasted like shit, but oh well. I walked up to my friend James' room with Gonzo and Abid and a college guy named Tobey, he said he was gonna be my guide for the night.

We sarted to play video games but I wasn't into it. After about 15-25 minutes, I just started cracking up at nothing at all. I saw a little miniture car and started playing with it, it looked like it was going 100mph. I looked at his wall and say a Dr. Dre poster. I felt so much pity for him because the skulls in the background had him trapped in hell.

All of a sudden my friend puts on a empty pringles jar on his hand and starts waving it around. I was like hell no!, take that shit off. I kept on taking it off him and these fools were just hella laughing at me. Tobey told me I should go on a walk with him.

He first showed me the rose bushes where I began to feel them and smell them with extreme pleasure. We walked on and I saw a house and commented that it wasn't real. It was made out of cardboard. Along we went, I made everyone with us pick up all the trash that we saw. I have no clue why I was doing it. Then I saw a tree and was convinced it was a gigantic mushroom.

We walked back to the house and I said this wasn't no big thang. Tobey said to come with him and take a couple of hits from some bomb ass chronic. After bout the third hit I looked up. We were outside by the spa and lots of steam was coming up. Red lights were coming from inside. I looked up to see Tobey, only it wasn't Tobey, he was the devil.

I ran inside pleading for help. Went into the corner and saw that the wall paper, which was flowers, were growing at me and trying to entangle me. I was trapped. They all told me to chill out and to eat this piece of bread. I ate it, how wonderful it tasted, then all of a sudden it tasted like shit, and I spit it out against the wall. I was going through cycles.

I ran into the living room and the couches had flowers on them too. I saw a big ass one and tried to stick my hand in it cuz it looked like it was really deep. Tobey told me I should go outside.

So Tobey, a friend of Tobey's, and I all went for a walk. They were blasted on some Kj so they were trippin too. We walked and by then the sun was kind of coming out. I was walking through a river of yellow, red, and orange muck, or so I thought.

I asked them if they flowed. Tobey's friend said yea and started freestylin. Well little did he know that I was a rapper. I busted out and it was like I could go forever. I went 6 minutes without stoppin and without slurrin a line.

We got to a top of a hill and I knew how everything was. I started trippin off ying yang and went on for about an hour bout that. Then I told them how we are so fucked up cuz the government controls us.

After 5 hours of being outside, we finally got back to the house and I tried to go to sleep. I couldn't and ended up puking up all this orange shit. I didn't go to bed for like 36 hours at one point. It was hella crazy

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