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I had it all figured out

Hello fellow mushroom ethusiast.

Hello fellow mushroom ethusiast. I would like to share a recent experience I had with my buddy P. Cubensis. Well, let me start off with a little background. I am lucky enough to live in the south, which is rich in cow pastures and cubensis mushrooms. These babies are everywhere. Its almost ridiculous how abundant they are if u just have the patients and know were to look. I myself have a pasture that starts about 10 yards behind my house. Well around July second me and my roomate decide to gather some field shrooms up to mix with our home cultivated mushrooms so that we dont use up all the home grown since there much more potent. On this particular trip to the field we find about 3 pounds wet, not a bad harvest. So here it is the 4th of July, and I want to trip. I spend the first part of the evening with my family. I am very family orrientated and i like to spend as much time with them as i can before a trip. It just makes ya feel good ya know?? Well I come home from the fish fry at my grandmas with about a hundred bucks in fireworks, and my roomate has about the same. So we take 4 grams of homegrown and 4 grams of field and tear them up into little bitty peices and mix them all together, and scarf down our nasty little friends with some OJ. We eac take a 1mg Xanax also, for the anxiety I always seem to get. Taking the xanax always relaxes me and makes the trip alot better. Well we go out to my truck and sit on the tail gate and smoke a bowl of cannabis. Well about the time we finish the bowl I notice the first of the effects. I always start off feeling great anticipation, and a little drowsiness. "Lets shoot a big firework" I say to my roomate. "Ok", he agrees quite happily. So I pull out a pretty big one and take it out to the driveway. I lit the fuse and ran back noticeing i was starting to loose a little motor skills and the run was kinda sloppy. As I turn the firework shoots up into the air Whoosh.....Pop!!! I have never seen a tracer so long and beautiful in my life. Even after the firework was long gone it left the remains of a yellowish line in the sky, just lingering. It was amazing. We shot a few more, each more beautiful than the last, and decided to go in for awhile. I myself like to keep moving around during a trip. If I stay in one place to long my mind often drifts off to more depressing thoughts about the many things i regret in my 21 years of life.So were in the house with the black light, strobe light, and morph lamp going while listening to pinkfloyds darkside of the moon. It was a great setting, with the best company I could have.Well im laying on a love seat just grooving with the music watching the walls melt and ceiling slide down to the floor, then go back up and do it again when a moth flutters down and lands on the arm of the couch im on. I stared at the moth for what seemed like hours when suddenly it started talking to me. Not out loud, but directly into my head. "So hows the trip going" the little critter said. "Great" I said outloud, and with that i snapped my roomate out of a trance."Who are u talking to", he said back looking kinda funny. "My friend the moth" I say matter of factly. "O ok, gotcha" he says as if this is all ordinary. Well I lay there for a little longer and the moth begins to speak again. "Do u know why your here" It said. "No, no I dont" I say back, this time I just say it in my head so as not to freak out my companion. "Your here to learn as much as you can before your swallowed by the abyss" the moth says. "Yes, learn as much as you can" The moth says and flutters away. At this point all I could think was Awesome!!!! Here I am tripping balls listening to a moth tell me the secrets to life. It was great. Well the rest of the trip was nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual hullucinations, ya know (melting, morphing, crawling, waving things) I just wanted to share with u guys the night a moth told me why I was on this earth. Happy tripping. May the crazy world one day change its crazy laws.

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