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i found "it"!!!!!

Last Friday I took mushrooms for the first time.

Last Friday I took mushrooms for the first time. I was VERY excited about doing them. I have done a lot of acid, but never anything natural, other than weed. So needless to say this was going to be a very interesting experience. Around three that afternoon I went to my dealers house to buy the shrooms. We bought a quarter ounce for 45 bucks. Then we went to the mall to buy glow sticks and buy another gram from a friend of mine. Then after obtaining the shrooms, glow sticks and other items we set off for my friend’s house to drop off the shit. Then we went to Subway to get some fruit drinks. Then we picked up another friend and went back to the house. We divided up the mushrooms, I think it was about five or six shrooms a person. We each put our share into a coffee grinder and grinded them into a powder. Then we put that powder into our fruit drinks. We gulped down our drinks and waited for the shrooms to take effect. It didn’t long for me, about ten minutes maybe, I felt all warm and fuzzy all over. I loved it so much; I was in the best mood. We decided to go smoke a joint to reduce any nauseating effects, and to help boost our trip. After that we were all FUCKED UP!!!!! We went inside and were all running around and falling down like we were piss fucking drunk. It was truly a site to see, six people trippn balls in a HUGE house. One of my friends was running around yelling “I gotta find the green room!!!!! Green Room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” it was funny as hell. We went into my friend’s bathroom and turned on the sauna. It looked like a giant glass bong. We all got in it and watched the smoke rise above our feet in was fucking trippy. We decided to watch Fantasia, that was crazy. I melted into the couch and all the colors started to swarm around me. I felt warm, happy, and a feeling of completion. After a while of that we broke out the glow sticks. We went outside and started throwing them around, they made these beautiful purple tracers. One of my friends held the glow stick up to his eyes and started saying shit like he was drowning. When he took the glow stick away from his eyes he said everything was red and purple. We went back inside and found him in the green bathroom laughing his ass off. He said everything was purple. We fucked around inside for a while and then went back outside to smoke some more weed. When we got out there we noticed one of my friends was missing. We got up and started to look for him. He came out of the bushes with a glow stick saying: “I found it!!” What he had found was his inner self so to speak. He had gained a new insight on life. He later explained it to me and then I “found it” After some more fucking around we ordered pizza, even though none of us were hungry. We ate our pizza and smoke an ungodly amount of pot. The mushrooms were starting to wear off, but we were still really stoned so we just sat around listening to the meat puppets and the grateful dead. My friends bother and his dumb ass friend came over drunk as all hell, and started fucking with us. It pretty much ruined the trip. So my friends left, and fell asleep. All in all it was a great experience, and I want to do it again really bad.

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