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i felt like i was crazy..and i was really FKEED UP

I don't even know where to start haha it was really weird.

I don't even know where to start haha it was really weird.. my experience. I had to wait for my ride to pick me up and i had a few caps of e on me. I waited for about an hour when i finally realized he's probably not coming, so me and two friends popped some e. After the e had hit us, my friend gives me a call saying hes outside, so we all went over to his shop where we usually partied (it's alot better then it sounds) and after a few hours a bunch of other friends came and me and one friend decided we should do shrooms. So we had our subway and we put it in. A while later, i realized it probably wasn't going to hit me at all..and i should just smoke some weed. So at that point, i was ED out and high and i looked up at the sky and it was orange. That was when i first figured out that i was on shrooms. I stood up and i couldn't even feel my feet and for a second when i looked down i couldn't see them either. It was way too much to handle for me because i didn't expect it to be anything of the sort. I thought i could fly and actually tried to flap my arms. I would stare in mirrors for 10 minutes at a time and watch my eyebrows go farther and farther apart and my skin go darker by the second(someone told me looking in mirrors is bad because it makes you trip out but i dont know). I could never tell what colour the walls were and i would just sit on the floor and stare at open doors because it would twist and turn. It actually wiggled and i stared for such a long time. Now it wasn't as if i could see the wall talking or anything..but i felt like it was. My friend kept bothering me and i finally decided to tell him to be quiet because i had to listen to the walls talk in Chinese. But i couldn't hear anything either. I just had this feeling that the walls could talk in Chinese.. Things would twist and turn and stretch out.. like when you look in those mirrors that are bent and change your figure. It was pretty cool but probably something i wouldn't think to try again. People are telling me i did too little because you are supposed to hallucinate but shrooms is not my thing.

i have to add my story isn't anything compared to some of the others I've read.. but it really helps to just to tell it all because still, 2 days later i cant separate my thoughts of it being reality or not.

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