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i can't explain this

The second time i ever tried these things i tripped very hard.

The second time i ever tried these things i tripped very hard. right before new years, me and my friend jack got 2 eighth and ate it all. about an hour later i began to see my friends beenie move, there was people on his beenie and it seemed that tey were moving and talking to eachother, but later i found out it was only the people around me talking and not the beenie people. then i remember watching the blair witch project with a couple other people and i thgouht the producers were all addicted to mushrooms and they had to be on them while making the movie cuz everything just seemed SO WEIRD! I remember trying to explain my nite to all my friends but i couldnt explain what i was feeling only jack knew what i meant. Then i was looking outside and the skyy was changing colors. I didnt want this to end i kept on asking when it will end because i was scared of it ending, it was soo much fun i wanted it to keep goin, it lasted a good 4 hours and it was the funmest 4 hours of my life, im planning on doing it again soon

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