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and it hit me

i am writing this as i just came down from mushrooms about 20 minutes ago.

i am writing this as i just came down from mushrooms about 20 minutes ago. I ingested about two grams in a chocolate form. I decided to just take them by myself-no big deal. I was very sceptical the first hour thinking that nothing was going to happen, but sooner or later it hit me. i listened to pink floyd albums and stared out onto my ceiling and walls as they were swirling and morphing into one. I layed on my bed switching positions every two seconds. If ou have ever taken mushrooms before you know the feeling of desperately trying to get comfortable. The pink floyd started to grow old and i couldnt take it any longer. It was an incredible change, i felt like i wanted to smash the wall-disc 1 into tiny little pieces for no reason at all. I decided to draw in a notebook and trace my hand as the effects were tailing off. I captured what was in my mind out on paper for what seemed like an eternity but in retrospect was only about 30 minutes. After that it hit me...this undescribable feeling of depression. I felt like i wanted to die for no reason at all. My whole trip consisted of drastic mood changes but the depression at the end and what i am going through now as i am typing this is juts unbearable. I type now as a release hoping i will be able to go to sleep and forget it all soon. But where was my mistake, where did i go wrong?

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