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Hum of Blue Energy

On Saturday night I promised to help my roomate have a good trip, he was a bit apprehensive about eating some cubensis mushrooms.

On Saturday night I promised to help my roomate have a good trip, he was a bit apprehensive about eating some cubensis mushrooms. As it turned out, he was doing fine, so I ate about 2 grams to get in the spirit myself...

I powdered them in a coffee grinder, and mixed the resulting dust with orange juice, admiring the green color which results.

Within 15 minutes I was definitely affected, though I was wondering if I didn't just want to eat several more grams for a "heroic" adventure. I decided a trip like that should not be so spontaneous. Enjoying what I had, I put on some extremely psychedelic music (Butthole Surfers double live album) and watched my tropical fish swim laps around their gnarled log. Euphoria was everpresent.

I did pull-ups for fun, I was dancing all over the house, these things are not characteristic of me. I had so much physical energy, it was quite similar to MDA or another psychedelic amphetamine in this regard. I was making my roomate nervous by moving so much, so I forced myself to sit quietly on the couch.

The "organic-snowflake" pattern which I see everywhere when tripping was quite present. It is a light-colored pattern, like a snowflake or a paper-cutout, but it is animated. I see this on most psychedelics, but the "shapes" are different from compound to compound. This time they were moving quite rapidly.

The white ceiling was a great screen on which to project my hallucinations. I was hypnotized by the above patterns, and grinning and laughing with the attitude of a child on christmas morning. I noticed that if I were to focus my vision a few inches past the patterns, past the ceiling, I could see vague mandalas in bright primary colors. This was very exciting, for surely I had not eaten *that* much product... These mandalas were somehow quite joyous in nature, a celebration of life and molecular magic.

Of course it occured to me to look "past" the mandalas as well. Sure enough, about 2 feet beyond the ceiling, I could see white shafts of light, like sunbeams perhaps. These were also animated, changing angle and color, but always staying near white. Where these beams crossed each other were especially bright spots. The interesections, when viewed all at once, became quite coherent and made three-dimensional shapes. Most of them were unexplainable, though fantastic. They were "weaving" themselves into existence, and I suddenly developed a deep understanding and appreciation for mycelial mechanics. And so these intersections of light became coherent...

The one image which has a preexisting metaphor was a giant spider web made of this "mycelium" stuff. Strangely, I was not at all frightened, just fascinated. The occupant of this web looked like a giant (like twice the size of a house) dust mite, or some other creature I have seen scanned under an electron microscope. Indeed, it was a monochromatic vision, all shades of white and light grey. There was a host of other creatures, but none of the others were at all terrestrial, just abstract shapes which implied life. These "creatures" could weave themselves in and out of existence at will, using the "mycelial intersections" as their medium. sometimes they would move at blinding speed, just *appearing*. Other times, they would slowly build coherency, like a Polaroid picture being developed.

This all took me back a bit, as I still thought I had taken a fairly low dose. Also, my ego was entirely intact. I had not had the terrifying ego-death which usually precedes any deep visions I receive. I knew my name, I knew where I was, I could probably have talked to a cop if I had to. I decided to use my lucidity to my advantage and to experiment a bit.

As some of you know one of the main reasons I'm interested in "heroic doses" is to experience Mckenna's "visible language" or "tryptamine glossolalia". I've done this, and it works, so I thought I'd play with it. Other times I have done it, the "hum" just comes out of me, I dont put any effort into it at all. This time I tried it voluntarily. I tried to approximate the vocal frequency I've dealt with in the past, and must have hit it, because a terrifying, electrical bolt of blue energy leapt out of my body and crawled up the "mycelial web" and was absorbed by the occupants... I gathered myself and did it several more times, creating a 3-d pattern of colored lines which were leaving my body and being drawn into the space above my ceiling. Quite odd I thought, as I was still rather aware. The dosages required to make this phenomenon occur are usually so high I do not even know I'm human anymore. I asked my roomate if he could see the lines I was producing and he demanded that I stop because I was terrifying him. As I recalled my original role for the evening, I acommodated his wishes and took him outside to watch and listen to the rain falling.

I'm left puzzled; I certainly was not expecting these kinds of results from a dose which last weekend only gave me mild euphoria and reluctant visions. I'm wondering if my fruits are of varying potency, if I am becoming more dexterous in navigating through the hyperdimensions, or if I am just getting crazier...

I'm looking forward to trying this with some rue soon.

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