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hugging my friend

hugging my best friend I went over to my friends house about 5:30PM we were going to take them at 6:30PMmy freinds older brother had 1/2ounce of p.

hugging my best friend

I went over to my friends house about 5:30PM we were going to take them at 6:30PMmy freinds older brother had 1/2ounce of p. cubes we split a 1/4 between 3 people this was my first time really to shroom

while me and friend waited for his older brothers friend joe to come over we played cards and shit.
joe came over at exactly 6:15pm we slpit the little guyz and poped em in and drank some orange juice. we were going to meet peter at his work at hollywood witch was pretty far away so we walked to a park and a neighborhood at that time it stared to kick in i had done acid before so i thought it was starting off alot like lsd we slowly made our way to the road god it started to realy kick in at that time cars were going way to fast the road seemed to strech far i looked like 100miles away we made our way down laughing our head off we then came to a gazebo famous around for a big drug dealers spot we didn't see anyone there maybe cause it was wendsday
My friend (not joe)started to piss off the gazebo witch was on a cliff. he didn't make it he got it all over his pants. So we stayed there for about a well i don't know how long we were there. Then we reallized we had a mission so we made a plegde not to stay in one place for to long. Then we moved on and walked to a intersection there were a lot of cars alot it seemed to very bussie i pushed the cross walk signal about a million times the walking person seemed to change colors purple green hazy bright blue it was so cool. there was a brigde we wanted to cross so we did it was made of wood and was pretty small but it looked huge the wood seemed to flow like a river we heared a man in back of us and started to talk to him we were talking to him about Cd's i think he quickly left and so we went the other way he did still remebering we had a mission there's not much here but just walking and shit but the visuals were great the path we were walking on was right above and to the left of the road my god the cars were melting and leaveing trails behind. so finally we made to the holly wood it felt like seconds walking there that's when shit really got scary people lots and lots of people were there we went inside and started to look around good inside was so cool everything look all furtureistik and stuff the funny thing is when on lsd i get really scared and shit in places like this i wasn't on shrooms my friends were freaking out they eat more then me though they were lauhging and screaming we were asked to leave by peter so we chilld out side and waited for peter he would get off in 8 mintues. we thought it took longer then it should when peter mom showed up and we all got scared shot less we thought peter freaked out and shit. she saw us to and took us to her house. we weren't in trouble she didn't even know we were tripping it was great cause at least we didn't have to walk home. when we got home we all went down stairs we were all trippy hard core by that time hard core i would close my eyes and see 3D shit like i have never seen before the closest i've seen is in the movie the minds eye2 i started to write things down and my friends started to drawn here the poetry i wrote
tired is what i feel in a wheel
colors is what i see in a sea of colors
what i love is
mother is who i love
this is all i wrote but i started to think about my mother and how i don't pay much respect to her much and don't hug her like i used to.
i turned to my friend wich we've been friends sence we could walk and i said could i hug you
and pretend your my mom
he said sure
i'll do the same
we spent a like an hour hugging
and talkng about shit we've never talkd about before
by this time it was like 7:50pm
like another hour passed nothing reall that great but by 8:15 came at their house it was family game time so we all played onu it was so fun usally these night suck
god i fell into laughter like 10 times that night for like 10 mintues at a time
i felt so close to that family i've known these guyz sence before i could walk that's about it i wen't home did my chores and hugged my mother for a long time

P.S. have you ever read the book dinatopia it's great when your grilling

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