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How did we get here?

This was my second shrooming experience and i couldnt wait for the adventure to began.

This was my second shrooming experience and i couldnt wait for the adventure to began...me and my friend D decided to ditch school one day and shroom at my house with about a 1/2 eighth of shrooms each. We pulled into a parking lot and quickly devoured them (i actually dont mind the taste all that much, but my friend hated them) We sat in the car for about 10 minutes and decided to head to my house because i knew that they were about to hit soon...sure enough, like 5 minutes later i saw the beauty...the trees were outlined in a bright blue light and the beauty in everything: houses, people, grass, and even the road was magnafied by 100%.

As we headed to my room to trip because i knew there were lots of things we could trip on in there, i realized that this trip was gonna be good. I turned on the radio and it was a live Dave Matthews Band show and it was awesome...the air and the walls moved to the music and i felt like i was actually there watching them play.

I layed on the floor and my friend was on the bed, it seemed like we were there for hours just drifting off (who knows how long it really was, probably 30 min) I kept thinking my dark blue bean bag chair was an abyss and if i got too close to it, it would suck me in because it was swirling and i saw tiny stars in it. As I kept trying not to be sucked away, D was just chillin on the bed talking about life and why we're really here...I was listening to him but i kept drifting in my own crazy thoughts.

We soon decided that we should go outside in the backyard because i needed fresh air...as we were walking to the yard, we heard a knock on the door, i looked through the window and saw to old women, i got a little paranoyed but D opened the door. The women started talking to us about jesus and i realized they were jehovahs witnesses. Both of us had no clue how to react to them so we both kind of stared at them for a while until my urge to go outside kicked in again and i told them as best as i could that we were just hangin out and we didnt need this stuff right now...they left and we were on our way.

When we got outside, i saw the air...it was like a huge 3D grid all over (kind of like that simpsons where he goes into another dimension) and the sky looked like wallpaper. i watched the trees grow right before my eyes...the leaves and branches reached up till i couldnt see the tops anymore.

I sat on a lawn chair for like 3 hours and completely left my body...i was so perfectly content, i felt like i could have died and would have been fine with it....i was no longer afraid of anything and wanted so badly for my mind to just float away and out of my body....my body i realized was no longer a necessity.

The whole time i was zoning out, D was wandering around my pool and pretending he was in a video game. Once i got up, keep in mind I was still trippin, i figured we should probably get inside. Now...i have a gate around my fence with a key in the lock that you just have to turn to get in...i went to reach around for the key and it was gone. I asked D where the key was and he wouldnt answer me. I got a little scared because i thought i would never be able to get out. Still not answering me he felt his pockets and gestured that he didnt have it....too confused to realize what to do we stood there for like 15 minutes until i just climbed over the fence (duh).

We went back in my room to ride the rest of the trip out when i heard my moms car pull up. OH SHIT!! my trip immediatly came to a stop (i swear reality is the only way to sober up quickly) Not only was i not even supposed to be home, but my car was parked around the corner...how do you explain that? As D runs into the closet i go out to meet her and she asks me to run all these arrons for her. As im trying to figure out what shes telling me to do D runs out my window to my car. I was trying to get everything together to leave and just being thankful that she didnt catch on....and i couldnt find my keys for the life of me...they were in my ignition...thank god i left the window down.

So afterwards i just got too overwhelmed with reality and i felt like i had nothing to live for and if it werent for D i probably would have killed myself...i just couldnt stop crying..so if you ever read this D....thank you so much i dont know what id do without you.

After the trip was over D pulls the key out of his pocket and swears he doesnt even remember taking it out.

Im going to trip again in a week with about an 1/8 so ill write again.....sorry that its so long. I just want to say to any one whos thinking about shrooming but isnt sure if they should: do it...they honestly make you a better person in the end...I LOVE THE LITTLE SHROOMIES!!

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