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hotel party

Myself and three friends were planning an blowout weekend in another city for a Kid Koala concert.

Myself and three friends were planning an blowout weekend in another city for a Kid Koala concert. We had everything stocked, including a taperecorder (which we didn't use) a small cd player (with trippy cd's, of course), and lots of organic drugs. We had some weed, some hash, and a 1/4 of shrooms. On the drive there we all smoked a bunch of weed (making the drive seem like years), and when we first got to the hotel we did some hash...then the concert. The concert was fucking unbelievable. The Kid has mad skills. But that was far from the best part of the trip.

We decided to wait until after the concert to do the shrooms because we were fairly green in the mush department, and didn't want to be around a whole lot of people when we did it. the 1/4 we had was between 3 of us (the other was allergic to mushrooms in general...i know, it's a cryin shame) which divided into 2 grams a piece, roughly. We downed it in a flash, smoked some weed, and waited.

About 20 or 30 minutes later i was off. The walls began to get thickly pixalated (like if you've ever looked at a computer screen up really, really close) with individual pixals jittering all around. My friends saw the same thing.

Since we were all tripping, we decided to turn on the music. One of my friends picked up a DJ Food disc at the concert, so we put that in and watched tv on mute. It was at this point that things started going really wacky.

The music (if you've ever heard it) is very psycedellic, and fades into the background extremely well...i had to keep reminding myself where the freaky sounds were coming from. Watching tv was a trip, too. we were watching newsworld or some shit and there was this woman interviewing these two fishers. I couldn't get over how beautiful the woman seemed, and how much she contrasted to the disgustingly ugly fishermen. the music, too, took me to a whole new world of visual imagery inside the tv, which made the womans beauty heveanly in comparison to the fishermen. what seemed like 15 minutes after we put the disc in, the music stopped. we were all taken aback by this, and reset the disc to run again.

shortly after this i noticed that the walls had changed. they still had the pixalation, but it was as if the pixalation was on a screen that was about 3 or 4 inches away from the wall...i went to check this out. when i touched the wall, it felt like concrete. thinking back, it probably was concrete, but i completely expected drywall, so the feeling suprized the hell out of me.

Around this time i remeber becoming unable to control my limbs, perhaps due to the hardness of the wall, and the softness of the screen i was looking for. I went limp and flopped onto the bed like a raggedy anne doll or something. This was proceeded by an intense need to dance, but and inibility to do so. what this looked like, my friends said, was a sort of ritualistic bounce with momentary flops to the ground, limp and almost lifeless. appearently this scared the hell out of them. it felt like i was a puppet without strings, barely able to move on his own, and with a smile, wide as the grande canyon, painted permanently across his face...sort of like pinnochio at the beginning of that disney movie.

I really wanted to go wandering in the halls, but was talked out of it by my friend, who was afriad security would get after us. I don't remeber comeing down, or going to sleep, but i remember waking up in the morning and getting yelled at by my scared as hell friends

Next friday i will be getting a bunch with 5 other friends in my hometown. I'm hopeing i will hit that level again, but without so much scaryness to my friends. regarless, i know that it will be a night to remember...shrooms RULE!

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