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Hospitalized and Concussed.

Well, i started the night off driving to my friends house which is about an hour drive, then we set back in the other direction with a girl we know and her friends and drive an hour and a half to pick up a quarter of crippy and 3 ounces of fresh horse shrooms.

Well, i started the night off driving to my friends house which is about an hour drive, then we set back in the other direction with a girl we know and her friends and drive an hour and a half to pick up a quarter of crippy and 3 ounces of fresh horse shrooms. Supposedly these mushrooms were very potent, which proved to be the case.

So we are on our way back and before we head out for the drive, we smoke about 3 bowls of the grass we picked up after splitting it up between us. So before we get moving, 3 of the 5 of us in the car have some mushrooms, i had 1 and the driver had 1, and then one of the girls in the back seat had 2. Obviously, were having fun, about half way into town they kick in and we cant get this insane smile off our faces.

This was a totally different feeling than i had known because usually when i smoke i feel paranoid and my craving for conciousness kills the euphoria and it just got boring after a while. Not with these shrooms. I was confident, i felt like everthing i did was meant to be that way. I was fully functional too and able to talk and get miscellaneous food, etc. The colors on the road and street lights were lined up so perfectly in the sky as if it was meant to lead me to the path to do shrooms and have a truely memorable experience. The different cars made me want to go and talk to everyone in the cars and just talk to them. I was obviously pretty hyper too.

So we drop the other 3 off, and its just my friend and I left in the car, and before we go to his house we smoke 2 more bowls and i dont get a stoned feeling but even more euphoria. We walk into his house and take care of the parentals and head to his room which is decked out like an opium den and designed for being baked. So we head into the bathroom and we each take 2 more mushrooms after putting the animatrix in the computer and setting up surround sound and getting food and basically preparing so we dont have to do so much work.

Once the second set kicks in, we are loving everything we are doing, beams from the computer monitor were too much information for my brain, so i couldnt focus on the movie no matter how hard i tried. I thought it would be a good idea to grab this very colorful robe my dad had given me and wear it around and color on myself to make things more interesting. I felt the robe seap into my skin and control the way i moved, then i would glance back and forth at the screen. And for the undescribable amount of time it seemed like everything i have ever wanted to do was accomplished that night, and that if i died, or if something happened to me, i would be complete, and that no matter what happened, i was going to be okay. which turned out to be very useful, haha.

So that morning, my friend and i wake up still kind of feeling it, it was a terrific day, nothing could go wrong. I felt everyone, and i felt like they really knew me. So we eat breakfast and smoke 3 more bowls on our way to the mall so we can ask the girl who was with us last night how to make shroom tea.

On the drive there, i start saying that i havent been this stoned in a long time while driving, because up until then i had been toning it down on the smoking. But my friend said it was all okay, and he is usually the straight headed one so i trusted him. So i actually made it there, no matter how many times the cars went in circles or how colorful the road seemed to be.

Before we get out of the car, we lay the rest of the shrooms out on my robe (yes, the colorful one) in the back of my car to dry out. So we go and chill inside of starbucks because i dont think im able to handle buying a ticket (which is pretty rare). So after sitting there drinking some sobe, we get back up and i couldnt imagine how perfect i felt like and how i wanted everyone else to feel the way i did right then. Once we walk through the mall, im feeling alright until we get to the girl, then i start to feel a bit nausiated and i started floating (or my feet were numb), and then my back got a sensation up it. Then i thought i should sit down right there because i couldnt stand up, but i decided not to because, ironically, there was a dare station set up not 20 feet away and i would be suspicious sitting in the middle of a mall. But while my friend is doing all the talking, i start getting really light headed and i started saying to my friends that i have to sit down soon, then i bumbed into the little kiosk she worked in and they asked if i was alright. Then i started floating again and everything started to turn black in little hexagons rising up from the floor and then i felt like i was falling, which i was apparently. I fell straight on the back of my head.

I wake up. There are ems all around me and a french lady trying to talk to me and assuring me everything was all right. The questions were overwhelmingly complicated although they were just standard medical questions. My friend, the goddamned genius, made up a story already and waited until i woke up to tell it to the ems so i would hear it. Our story was that we were up all night and we didnt eat or drink for a long time, and then went to play soccer tennis and i got really dehydrated and passed out. Brilliant bastard.

I start to say everything is fine because i didnt want to make a scene, which i already had accomplished. At this point im still tripping balls, im not sure why i got so out of control, but i think the weed brought back the shrooms and the combination of me only drinking coffee and basically no water, made me get dehydrated.

So right now im lying in the ambulance with plugs and wires and everything else in me, the lights were terrific. Then the shots came and they took blood and theyre asking me all of these questions, the sounds were amazing. Then after whatever amount of eternity it took to get to the hospital, i decided to close my eyes and get some closed eye visuals so when i open them, i feel much sober than before, it worked. I started slowly gaining full conciousness which didnt wear off for quite some time, which im just reaching almost normal conciousness while im writing this.

My parents are there along with my friend who drove my car to his house while the ems were there, put the shrooms, weed, and all of the other potentially consequential shit that was in my car and transferred it to his bag and put it in his hiding spot at his house, then he drove his car to the hospital to wait there. I was able to be out of it to a certain extent because it was dehydration after all ;-) So, i end up getting stitched up and a bunch of other drugs were put in me, along with a tetnis shot (my parents figured, while were here, why not?). So after all of that, my parents are sketchy about the story, but are just glad im alright, and that i didnt crash the car on the way to the mall. Im a zombie for 5 more hours.

So 5 bowls, 3 mushrooms, an ems team, shots, pain, and a feeling of a broken jaw for hours and hours later, im sitting here typing up my best story of the summer. It was damned well worth all of it. You dont wake up the same person after mushrooms.

Props to Doktor J for making the experience that night, much more, well, indecribable.

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