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Ive eat mushrooms more than 10 times in my teenage life so far and Ive never come across a bad trip.

Ive eat mushrooms more than 10 times in my teenage life
so far and Ive never come across a bad trip. Last night
was different. After an amazing nice little trip the
weekend before we decided to get some more shrooms for
this weekend. After they showed up with them two hours late
I munched down. I didnt expect what was to come, it was
the last thing in my mind having a bad trip. After I ate
my first gram 15 minutes later I ate another 2 grams.

My trip came on strong in the kitchen of the apartment
I was in. The kitchen floor looked weird, and distorted. I
just smiled and thought it was all good. The next thing I knew I was tripping out of my mind. I went into the bathroom
to wash my face and I looked in the mirror and my face had
become very old, and I looked like a dying old man. My bad trip began.

I went out to the kitchen again feeling a bit weird. I sat
at the kitchen table with some friends and my eye was caught
by the stratches in the wooden table. I stared at the scratches and they began to form into a weird 3 dimiensional
type tunnel all on my side of the table. For some reason
I didnt want to watch what was past the tunnel because
it was going to be evil. I looked up and everyones faces
looked dead and nicotine stained. I began to get parranoyed
as hell. I got one of my best friend, who was just starting
to trip to go for a walk with me.

We said were were going for a journey and we would be back
shortly. I felt better and my trip became positive for about
5 minutes. I left the apartment and came onto the back deck
I looked out onto the back parking lot and all i saw was the
remains of a left over war. All of my friends were soilders
standing around in the mud. I didnt say nothing but I knew
in my mind this night wasnt made out for me.

My friend and I began our walk and about one minute onto
the road I began to literally crack up. I was walking down
the rainy road and all of the leaves in the side of the road
were piles of insects crawling on the ground. The dark trees
were all reaching out for me. My friend knew I was tripping bad and he didnt know what to say. Then the worst thing happened.

I ran my hands through my hair to fix it and my hair felt
like just a long head of cobwebs. I have long hair and it
basically felt like all my hair was thick spiderwebs. I
couldnt even touch my hair because it felt so horrible.
Then I kept getting this feeling under the skin on my
face that bugs were crawling under my cheecks and into my
lips. My spiderweb hair blew in my face and almost drove
me to insantity. We hit the arenas baseballs diamonds and
all in the distace I saw people hiding and watching my
like soilders in trenches in a war.

We turned around and walked back to my friends apartment
were I was nuts. Everytime I touched my hair it felt
like my hands were going through spider webs and into my skin. It was the most uncomfortable feeling in the world.

I sat down in the living room with a bunch of friends
and all the mexican type plates on the wall were spinning
like wheels. It was really trippy but I was still parranoyed
as shit. I decided to get something to keep my mind of my
insanity and i sat down on my friends computer and began
playing Carmaggedon. I was still tripping horribly but with
the help of some friends, Orbital and the computer my tripo
very slowly became a fairly decent trip. I was still tripping bad when I sat down on the computer. My hair felt
like it was moving all over my head, and bugs were still
crawling under my cheeks.

I was in the room alone talking to people who werent
even in there. I was once alone talking to people that
werent even in there. Slowly I began talking to a good friend and playing the video game to relax myself. But while
I was playing the game everytime I moved my legs or arms
it felt like I was moving them through cement. I could
hardly move my legs they were so numb.

After about 2 hours on the computer I got up and came back
to the main room still tripping feirce but not as horrible
as before. The rest of the night I still felt bugs under
my skin and stuff but it was very rare. Like once and hour.

Im sitting here today still shocked about just what my mind
went through on those mushrooms just 24 hours ago. It was
the worst trip in my life and at the peak I didnt think
I would even live through it, but I did. I guess I can
just look back at it and think of it as an experience

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