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Hontoon Magic

It all started when me, my friends travis, brian, and roy went shrooming at the baddest field in deland.

It all started when me, my friends travis, brian, and roy went shrooming at the baddest field in deland......The "Hidden" Hontoon fields.........Brian was saying how we usually find shrooms as soon as we hop the fence. Just as he was saying that I saw 10-12 fat caps right by the fence. We started hoping around like little kids with candy saying, "We're gonna trip balls tonight". The hunt continued and produced about a winn dixie bag full of some sweet mushrooms. We went immidiately out to "The Shed" where my band practices and started breaking up the caps into smaller pieces and shoveling away. By this time we had run across another friend named mike, who was also indulging in the fun. We ate so many countless handfulls and started trippin very quickly. The only problem was we didnt have any weed whatsoever..... The drummer for my band named ryan, offered a bet to mike that hed roll a fat blunt if mike would take two bites out of a regular cigar. With no hesitation, mike accepted.....I guess it really fucked him up because afterwards he puked his ass off. The blun really helped our trip out alot. We kept eating shrooms for another hour or so. I was rreally gettin torn down and decided it was time to go home. I got a ide to my house with Travis and we continued to trip for another 2-3 hrs....GOD I LOVE SHROOMS. Anyways sorry to cut this short but Im about to go drink two cups of pure psilocybin....heh heh....maybe Ill have another story to TRY and write in a little while. Later

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