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Honeycomb Coolness during first trip

It was a wensday and I had decided to try shrooms for the first time, with the company of my friend who we'll call James.

It was a wensday and I had decided to try shrooms for the first time, with the company of my friend who we'll call James. I had just made up two peanut butter, jam and shroom sandwichs to cover up the taste and be incognito about what I was doing ( my friend asked me if I was worried about being caught but said what kind of cop found a kid eating a sandwich suspicious?)

We left my house at 6:00 during a beautifull spring day. I ate one sandwhich and James didn't have anything as he had to work the next day. We roamed around town for a while and after 30 minutes I was begining to wonder if i had been jipped, as i wasn't feeling any different.
I decided probably best not to eat the other sandwhich just in case the shrooms suddenly kicked in, so i wouldn't have been overwhelmed by the amount of shrooms ( i had already takedn 4 grams by that point)

Me and my buddy james went to this isolated field and i gave him some pot to smoke so he wouldn't feel bored cuz he didn't take no shrooms. I refrained as i just wanted to get the affect of shrooms by themselves.
Suddenly i start to feel kinda high. I go to sit down on a log and i fall over backwards and roll down the hill.
James is laughing his god damn ass off while i comment what just happend as being "wierd". I try to sit on the log again and nearly fall off twice while james is still laughing. I start to feel pretty happy and i start laughing too, then i decided it would be cool to roll down the hill some more, since i havn't done that since i was a kid.

After a while some people show up and we leave and go back into town and head to the local grocery store. I wait outside trying to refrain from laughing for no reason and then i notice some strange things...

As i stare at the cement it starts to stretch! For some reason I didn't even notice this as being wierd untill i looked up and saw the house across the street shivering! This finally clued me in to what was going on. I laugh a little and have a smoke then head to another corner store with James and i notice all the colors of everything is bright as hell. Then i notice a poster of the trailer park boys dressed as hockey players. I didn't realise who they were and just thought they were justb the funniest hockey players i have ever seen and i start laughing so hard my gut hurts.

Me and my friend head to our old school at this point (7:30) and this is where i hit my peak. Bushes start to swirl like a goddamn kalidescope, grass starts groing really fast before my eyes and then shrinking again, the shadows on a portable start to change as if the sun is moving across the sky super fast over and over again. At one point it looked like the entire road and a couple of trees lifted a foot off the earth and settled back down, Things rippled like a pond. James is laughing at my face and asking me what it's like, I tell him it's "super awesome cool" which makes him laugh some more and he starts to try to trip me out by making wierd faces.

Night starts to fall and we are hanging out in the woods by a baseball field. The field looked like their were waves going through it. Grass started groing in honeycomb formations all over the place. I also was drinking a sprite slushy and i thought it was a tunnel to antartica and i tried to step into it. I rode on the swings, lit a ciggerete and used as a wizard wand to light are way through the night. After my peak was over i went to the docks with a large group of friends and sat down and watched the moonlight on the water.

It was an awesome experiance, had a total blast and as wierd as it sounds made me realise a lot about myself. Before my trip i was constantly depressed, sucidal at times, thought no one gave a damn about me. But after that night i realised people do care about me, my family and my friends, girls do like me and i'm a helluva lucky to be who i am and to have the people that i do in my life.

I reccomend that a lot of people try mushrooms as it can help them see life differently. Peace out yo!

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