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Homegrown P. Cubenesis (grown from w/ rabbit poo)


P.Cubenesis Plantasia Mystery 2gs
coke hcl 1.5gs

I wanted to trip on homegrown mushrooms for my 21st birthday so i grew some mushrooms and decided id also experiment while i was at it. I grew them on rabbit manure. well even though the yeild was only enough for about 3 trips: 2g/person for a nice level 3 trip, i definately think the rabbit manure made a difference.

the evening started around 4:00pm. I made a few stops and pick up some party supplies. I already had the mushrooms since i grew them myself some coke was picked up and then the party began. From 6:30 to about 9:00 a gram of coke had been consumed and then 2 grams of mushrooms were eaten. i waited to feel the trip and then only took small lines of coke while tripping since i have heard and learned that psychedelics and stimulants do not mix well in large quantities.)

For me the experience was very physical and visual. I had a feeling very similar to rolling. open eye visuals were very intense, kaleidescope patterns would appear when my eyes were not focus but all sensations were controllable when necessary. The trip was definately potentiated by smoking marijuana. By the time i began to peak i would experience body shivers (like blowing up) and nystagmus (eye wiggles but unlike with MDMA these wiggles seemed to move up and down and not side to side.) when stared at,our popcorn ceiling seemed to transform into a Magic Eye picture but only abstract blobs became 3d no distinct shapes or anything of that sort. light and dark also seemed to have an effect on the trip in the light everything seems distorted and slightly scarry but in the dark it was more mellow. also bright rooms seemed to bring about visuals and dark rooms made the trip more physical.

My boyfriend and our friend also consumed 2g of mushrooms but no coke. They reported similar effects minus the physical aspects of the trip which leads me to believe the physical sensations were dopamine induced via coke.

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